Spring has FINALLY Sprung

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com!

Let’s cut right to the chase. Who here is excited…no thrilled that it’s finally Spring?

I know I most definitely am! After dealing with Winter for the past 30 some odd years now (we’ve had quite the Winter this year lol) we were granted the opportunity to welcome May with warmer temps💃🏾



With that awesome weather we had and us FINALLY welcoming in Spring…

I welcome May with open arms, an open mind and an open heart.


I decided to take this time to reflect on all that I’ve set up in terms of my goals and where my mind state is going forward.

I’ve realized how much more ambitious I’ve become and more inspired to create and tap into my creative juices more often.

I’ve also realized how much time I’ve devoted to learning and understanding myself better. I’m fortunate to be in a place in my life where I don’t need to rely on the happiness of others in order to feel happy myself.


Aside from that, my energy is a true reflection of how much my character has developed and changed over time. I can easily sense when things just don’t seem to be worthwhile, so in turn, I’ll be able to move more swiftly.

As a result, I no longer wanted to be nor felt the need to be in a space where things or the like don’t benefit me.

All in all, my journey has been more at the forefront and I look forward to seeing what else will come my way.

Let me know in your replies down below what you’re looking forward to for the month of May💛

Until next time,











Published by Magz

TakemetotheHeights is a blog curated by Magz, a Brooklynite with Dominican roots stemming from both mom and dad. Currently, she spends her time working with children, taking courses for her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education, all the while chasing her wild dreams of fashion design and fashion marketing. TakemetotheHeights style blog is her reflection and admiration towards fashion as she pays homage to Crown Heights. Despite the negative connotations people may paint about areas like Crown Heights, Magz saw it was best to truly capture the essence and beauty of it all.

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