As much as I wanted to give you all my June blog post earlier in the month, I felt like it was crucial for me to discuss first how I’ve been feeling as of lately. 

With me internalizing my feelings it’s caused me to stay a little quieter than what I’m accustomed to being. 

I’ve realized I didn’t take time much of last month to practice more self-care during my downtime and as a result, I found myself succumbing to my thoughts and not feeling the urge to talk about how I was feeling.

Thankfully, I’m in a place in my life (spiritually and mentally) where I can better evoke these feelings. 

So, I’ve developed a checklist for myself, hopefully, you all can benefit from it, which in turn can help you turn on your self-care and mute the world for a bit. 

I started these checklists about a month ago on my personal as well as the Takemetotheheights Instagram page.

These checklists were started in the hopes that others can benefit from it and promote more self-care and for me as a reminder to check in more often. 

I’ll insert my 3 steps down below. 

Self Care Sunday Checklist

  1. Self-reflect during those moments of alone time. It’ll allow you to honor your feelings at that present time and help to establish a deeper sense of self-awareness within. 
  1. Enjoy your leisure time. We’re not warranted these moments often. Whether it be curling up with a good book or catching up with a friend or family member, take full advantage of these opportunities💛💛💛
  1. Lastly, rest up when you can. Allow your mind and body to fully immerse in relaxation mode.

There are countless other ways in which I go about implementing self-care into my everyday routine, but for now, I figured it was best to showcase what I highlight on my Sundays to help prepare me for my upcoming work week.

With the school year almost wrapping up, the level of stress, as well as anxiety for not only myself but for the students I work with, is at an all-time high. 

However, I’m fully committed to practicing more self-care whether it be me heading back to the gym more often, making more time in truly enjoying myself or devoting more relaxation time after school. 

To make it more paramount, I will bring in things that will help to serve as a reminder for me to check in about my self-care. 

I’ve noticed that when I get super wrapped in work mode, everything else comes secondary. 

I vow to continuously devote more time to the betterment of me through my self-care. 

If you have any tips or wish to share what you do to practice self-care, be sure to click the contact tab on the drop-down menu. 

Can’t wait to read your practices💛💛💛

Also, be sure to save the checklist for your personal use and stay tuned for my next blog post. 

Published by Magz

TakemetotheHeights is a blog curated by Magz, a Brooklynite with Dominican roots stemming from both mom and dad. Currently, she spends her time working with children, taking courses for her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education, all the while chasing her wild dreams of fashion design and fashion marketing. TakemetotheHeights style blog is her reflection and admiration towards fashion as she pays homage to Crown Heights. Despite the negative connotations people may paint about areas like Crown Heights, Magz saw it was best to truly capture the essence and beauty of it all.

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