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Happy May!

Let’s take this time in finally welcoming Spring (it’s been a LONG time coming 😩)80s may Sticker by printmeggin

I am beyond happy that it’s May and although last month was not the easiest for me (I was itching for May to come) I want to welcome in all the amazing opportunities for more collaborations, partnerships as well as earning more $

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Mood loading in 3..2..1


Above all else, welcome to🙌🏾Animated GIF

Thank you for tuning in today’s blog post! Last month taught me even more what I need to continue to do… COMMUNICATE.  Yes, I take the time in doing so, but was it truly effectiveWas it really meaningful? 

I say all of that and then some to simply indicate/ stress how vital it was for me to push forth my voice. I felt empowered to do so at work and within my personal peer groups…yet under stress, I felt myself reverting back into my shell and dwelling on the could have/should have been.


I grew tired of it.


rihanna ugh GIF
Rolling my eyes is part of the aesthetic


Here I was making the strides I needed to do so in terms of realigning myself but I couldn’t, no refused to talk. It honestly grew annoying and I reached my breaking point.

With this particular post, I didn’t want to give off the vibe that I had everything figured out. Nor did I want to normalize not communicating.

Our voices hold so much weight and power. I can’t forget how important it is for me to regain that strength especially in spaces that are not deemed for people who look like me.

So, with that being said, there’s gonna be a huge shift in the way in which I use another outlet in expressing myself especially during times of difficulties.

I can’t forget the significance of using my voice in every capacity and circumstance.

Pray for me y’all..there might be a video sooner than you think.beychella omg GIF

All in all, I’m taking more ownership/advocating more of my needs and wants and expressing myself through coming Sticker by Stuck On You

I’ll have my moments here and there, but for me to share this with you guys is true growth.

Before I end today’s blog post, I just want to take this time in thanking all those who check out

It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

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