Let’s meet: Maya Davis of Udeen Designs!

We here at Takemetotheheights want to take this time in thanking Maya Davis for allowing us to get to know her and her brand, Udeen Designs a bit more. As part of our mission here at Takemetotheheights, we think it’s crucial to educate ourselves as well as others more about small black-owned businesses.

1. Tell the readers who you are? What is Udeen Designs? My name is Maya Davis. I am an interdisciplinary artist and the founder of Udeen Designs. Udeen Designs is an art & home lifestyle brand.

2. Why did you start? I have always been creative. Art is my very first love. Udeen Designs was born out of my need to be a more creative and ethical designer. I worked as a textile designer and noticed how much waste my industry produced. I began taking it home and making art with the recycled fabric and paper around me.

3. What are you manifesting for Udeen Designs before the year is over or overall? I am manifesting growth for Udeen Designs. Growth in network, in collectors, in sales, and opportunities to showcase my work. I would love to see a Udeen Designs & Anthropology collaboration. I feel I could express my love of art, home decor, and more in partnership with them.

4. Who would you want Udeen Designs to collaborate with?

I would love to see a Udeen Designs (and) Anthropology collaboration. I feel I could express my love of art, home decor, and more in partnership with them. I would also love to work with artist Christina Martinez. I admire her work and her journey as an artist and I believe it would be an incredible opportunity to learn and create.

5. If you could go back in time, what would you say(to yourself or your brand) or want to change?

If I could go back in time I would tell myself to call yourself what you are, an artist, and launch your brand with intention and while you’re still employed lol.

6. Any advice for any up-and-coming artists/creatives who practice your medium?

(The ) advice I would give to up-and-coming artists/ creatives would be to be patient with yourself and your process. Explore all that you can in your own time and in a way that feels good to you. It will only help with your development.

7. Where can people find your work?

People can find my work at www.udeendesigns.com & @udeendesigns on IG & FB.

Before we close out, we just wanted to note what it means for us to showcase a fellow creative. It really does wonders for us whenever we get the opportunity in learning about a creative who not only look like us but can also capture creativity that’s reminiscent of the things we’ve been exposed to or are trying to express.

Let’s continue to remember the power behind our creativity and the lives of those we can captivate through our art of storytelling.

As Maya has mentioned, be sure to check out her beautiful work by visiting her site and let’s continue to support and amplify one another.

Published by Magz

TakemetotheHeights is a blog curated by Magz, a Brooklynite with Dominican roots stemming from both mom and dad. Currently, she spends her time working with children, taking courses for her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education, all the while chasing her wild dreams of fashion design and fashion marketing. TakemetotheHeights style blog is her reflection and admiration towards fashion as she pays homage to Crown Heights. Despite the negative connotations people may paint about areas like Crown Heights, Magz saw it was best to truly capture the essence and beauty of it all.

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