God Bless Those 30 Something’s

Good luck on them 30 something’s……

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! It feels incredible to be back in a space where I’m writing again; sharing with you. I do have a question though? Who recommended being an adult? My new bedtime is 9:45 ish (I try to aim for 10) This juggling act of finding that healthy balance between work, school, life and coming into my after 30s (Libra gang) as I like to call it is coupled with my knees cracking and my favorite foods no longer agreeing with me.

If you haven’t reached your 30s yet, please do me a favor and don’t take any advice from anyone. I know that may sound a bit weird but hear me out. Your 30s are simply that. This time, this age, belongs to you. Your experiences ultimately shape what this particular decade will look like. There is no cookie cutter way about it. Lately, I’ve been seeing threads on Twitter that literally try to tell you what you SHOULD do while in your 30s or before then. There is no right or wrong way about it. There’s no formula.

However, having turned 31, I reached a pinnacle in my life where I no longer have the desire of exhausting any energy to people or experiences that don’t serve my highest good. That just might be my favorite part about being in my thirties. At this point of my life, I’m only focused on continuously creating the best version of myself. The version where I continue planting the seeds that’ll lead me to success.

But there are the moments I could do without. Yet even as I begin to think about those not so great moments, I wouldn’t trade this particular age for any other. To me, this is essentially a precursor to what my forties (God willing) will look like. Physically I don’t look the same (weight gain is a lil’ different on this side 😩) but in the same regard, I’ve been maturing more and more into adulthood, physically and spiritually.

So no, there is no one way to entering your thirties. It’s all reflective on what lessons you’ll eventually learn and grow from and what you truly make of it.

All in all, don’t fear your thirties. It’s been a beautiful time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Before I close out, I thank you for taking the time in reading this post after not posting in quite some time. It means more to me than you know. Also, don’t forget to leave me your thoughts. Let me know if you’re thinking about your thirties as well and sound off in the reply section.

With love,

Published by Magz

TakemetotheHeights is a blog curated by Magz, a Brooklynite with Dominican roots stemming from both mom and dad. Currently, she spends her time working with children, taking courses for her Masters in Early Childhood Special Education, all the while chasing her wild dreams of fashion design and fashion marketing. TakemetotheHeights style blog is her reflection and admiration towards fashion as she pays homage to Crown Heights. Despite the negative connotations people may paint about areas like Crown Heights, Magz saw it was best to truly capture the essence and beauty of it all.

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