Happy Holidays to all of my fellow fashionistas🎄🎄🎄 I hope you all get the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and look forward to the New Year quickly approaching. Welcome back to another installment of Takemetoheights. For those of you entering the site for the first time, welcome. For those that are alreadyContinue reading “BLACK OWNED GIFT IDEAS FOR BAE PART 2- Getting a gift for HER”

BLACK EXCELLENCE- Getting a Gift for Him Pt. 1 Black Owned Gift Ideas for Men

Good evening my fellow fashion lovers. Before I get started on tonight’s blog, I just wanted to once again stress the importance of maintaining a level head and just to focus on reaching your “height(s).” You just might be one step closer to your dreams when you place all of your energy and positive thoughtsContinue reading “BLACK EXCELLENCE- Getting a Gift for Him Pt. 1 Black Owned Gift Ideas for Men”

BDAY Style Guide Slay

On Friday, I got the chance to celebrate my 25th birthday at Blend on the Water with some close friends of mine. Just being around them made me realize what more I want to accomplish and what I need to prioritize for this next chapter in my life. That night alone made me realize howContinue reading “BDAY Style Guide Slay”

Fashion Week Faves

Hey love bugs. This post has been completely LONG OVERDUE. My deepest apologies. I spent quite sometime doing some research on finding my favorite looks from this years FASHION WEEK. I narrowed it to these 3 key elements: I can be able to recreate some looks with AFFORDABLE pieces. Can be worn either day orContinue reading “Fashion Week Faves”

Part✌️of Winter Outerwear 2016

My apologies world. School started again and I’m swamped. However, I still needed to make time to upload my other hidden gem for WINTER OUTERWEAR. This beauty is from ZARA and it’s my masculine style jacket. I wanted it to look a bit oversized so I ordered it in a large. I managed to getContinue reading “Part✌️of Winter Outerwear 2016”

2016 Winter Outerwear if your Dare

I don’t know about you, but its COLD lol. And like most New Yorkers, I am complaining about the weather. However, I will say we got a chance to get spoiled a bit with 60 to 70 degree weather before 2015 closed out. Although the frigid temps are definitely not my thing, I can truthfullyContinue reading “2016 Winter Outerwear if your Dare”

Let’s Paint the town with Poetry

So with 2016 in full swing, I got a chance to watch an amazing friend of mine grace the stage with her infectious spoken word. I was beyond proud and moved by her performance. Thank you @parlayliving for your realness on stage. I also got a chance to check out CHOSENking (@werchosen_114) perform and blessContinue reading “Let’s Paint the town with Poetry”

New Year, New Gear!

As I thankfully end my 2015 chapter, I will say that this year in particular is all about personal growth. So with that being said, I figured why not experiment with new pieces to fully experience my overall change for good!! Typically, with the New Year, people live by the cliche motto of ‘New Year,Continue reading “New Year, New Gear!”