Failed Two-Strand Twist (Talk-Through Video)
So long and behold, I am back with another hair post (after what feels like 30 plus years 😩) But all jokes aside, I am incredibly thrilled to be back to talk all things hair! This go around, I primarily focused on a failed (and I mean failed) two strand twist-out. Now that I think about the techniques used(or lack thereof) I KNOW for a fact as to why my twist out did not come out in the way in which I envisioned.

(Insert hair post: what she wanted, what she got)

Y’all, I typically like to do this style on freshly (or a few days old) blown out hair. In the video, you’ll notice I continuously kept spraying my hair with water. For all of my naturalistas, you know what happens when water is applied to natural hair.

You’ll notice that my hair instantly reverted back to its kinks, coils and curls. The outcome of the style did not surprise me at all(insert face palm)

Despite what the intended twist-out came out to be, I instantly went back to using more products (product overload we have arrived 😩) I went back to apply even more xtreme wet line gel (on top of the massive amount of Cantu leave in conditioner I used)

Official bandwagon member!!!

A little goes a looong way!

So without further ado, (major shout outs to you if you made it all the way down here!) here is my Failed Two-Strand Twist Out Talk Through video!

Let me know what you would do differently, what products would you use (if we have the same hair type) and be sure to upload a pic of your slayed two-strand twist out!

Until next hair post,

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