Hey y’all and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com. Thank you so much for coming back and checking out another blog post. For starters, I just wanted to take this time in apologizing to you all for not staying afloat with my blog site. As of recently, I have been trying my hardest to get rid ofContinue reading “Julyin’”

Sessions with Sky Britnei

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com. Thank you so much for taking the time in checking out today’s blog post! Before I get started, I just wanted to say how amazing we all are. For those that are taking that leap of faith in starting his or her own business, I commend you. You are truly braveContinue reading “Sessions with Sky Britnei”

Welcome Back!

Heyyyy and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! It feels so good to say that to you all after all that time has passed. Besides me needing time to recharge myself, I went back and changed up the aesthetics of Takemetotheheights.com!!!!! I decided to change my website because I felt as if I kept holding myself back.Continue reading “Welcome Back!”

First NYFW featuring: Jeanette Limas

¡Hola to all the fashion lovers and enthusiasts out there! Welcome back to takemetotheheights.com!!!! Let me just say how thrilled I am to be bringing you all another blog post. Towards the end of January, I was dealing with so much. Straight stress overload😩 I’m just thankful I can keep giving you all blog posts. OtherContinue reading “First NYFW featuring: Jeanette Limas”

Go hard or Go Home.

Hey to all the fashion lovers of the world. Welcome back to another blog post brought to you by the lovely folks here at takemetotheheights.com. Here I am during my lunch break 😂 bringing you a blog post unlike any other post I’ve given to guys in the past. It presents a rather crucial themeContinue reading “Go hard or Go Home.”

It’s our Anniversary

Happy New Year to all you fashionistas and fellow fashion enthusiasts. Welcome back to takemetotheheights.com. Tonight’s blog post is just a quick recap of New Years and……… This past Sunday, Takemetotheheights.com officially turned two years old!🎉🎉 Back to when I started this blog site, I remember feeling nervous and anxious. I never expected for thisContinue reading “It’s our Anniversary”

Watch Me Slay 2K18- Up and coming Makeup Artists New Years Edition

Hi and welcome back to Takemetotheights.com. Tonight’s blog post will showcase a few makeup artists on the rise that hail from some of our hometowns here in NY. First things first,  I want to welcome a new comer to the makeup scene, Janaesha. Here’s Janaesha, also known as naemadeyoublush Pictured down below with a lookContinue reading “Watch Me Slay 2K18- Up and coming Makeup Artists New Years Edition”

“Almost There”-an intro to Tyrik Ballard-Feature Black Artist Presentation

Hello all fashion lovers but this time around, I’d like to also welcome my music enthusiasts as well. This week’s blog post will explore my night at the Apollo Music Cafe to watch none other than Tyrik Ballard. Please be sure to continue reading as I introduce to you all, my avid readers, to someoneContinue reading ““Almost There”-an intro to Tyrik Ballard-Feature Black Artist Presentation”

Dear Magnolia, That’s Me

So it’s been quite some time since I’ve last given you guys a blog. But don’t you worry, I’m back with something that you all might love and enjoy reading. A few weeks back, (October 21st to be exact) I celebrated my birthday with my close friends who I truly consider family. This year’s birthdayContinue reading “Dear Magnolia, That’s Me”

Spirited Magic-Women’s History Month Edition

Hey guys and welcome back to Takemetotheights.com. This blog post in particular will feature one of many females I met/stalk their Instagram for style inspo lol. So in honor of Women’s History Month, I decided to showcase a series of women each week throughout the month of March to highlight not only their greatness but alsoContinue reading “Spirited Magic-Women’s History Month Edition”