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Fashion on the Rise presents: Reiss Le Vu

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Here at, we take pride on the foundation of this site: FASHION

Fashion on the Rise is dedicated to the authentic fashion designer. This particular brand/designer has not only shown tenacity but is also truly passionate about shedding light about the things that affect our Black and Brown communities.

For our very first edition, we interviewed Reiss Le Vu

As a fashion designer, how do you set yourself apart from other brands?

Reiss Le Vu:I pride myself on creating an unforgettable experience for my clients, sometimes it’s as little as a conversation.  Everything I create is tailored to my clients’ needs/wants/expectations. Most of the clothes are made for the consumer to fit, but I make garments that fit my client.” 

How has the pandemic affected or strengthen your business? 

RLV: “It has actually been great and I am designing with a purpose. I love that I have the skill and ability to create masks that may save a life or two. While my masks aren’t medical grade, they are made with superior fabric.  I’m sure when the pandemic is over people will return to wanting custom pieces but until then I will continue to make masks.”

At the height of the pandemic, Reiss Le Vu has donated masks to a local hospital.

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Video still of Reiss Le Vu making masks

Who or what inspires you to design and why?

RLV: “To be honest, (fashion is an) outlet for me.  I battle with insomnia, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain.  Designing is also an outlet for me. About 6 years ago at the age of 23, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I was struck as a pedestrian and suffered many physical injuries as well as mental/emotional distress.”

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, how have you showcased your understanding of it through your fashions?

RLV: “I suffer from mental health issues which I have finally began to talk about it.  Most people think a disabled person or mentally ill person has a “look”.  I look like a “normal” girl but I’ve truly been through a lot and suffer a lot.  Things aren’t always what they seem. It’s important to have self-compassion for yourself and process your feelings and be patient with others.  I think my understanding in mental health is pretty self-explanatory.  For example, pro-therapy.  I think it’s important to get professional help and to learn the tools (in knowing) how to navigate through life, unpacking your trauma rather than (not educating yourself about it)

Thank you for being open and honest about addressing Mental Health. It takes alot of courage for anyone to speak up about his/her personal experience with it.


I noticed that youve designed for Cuban Link. That mustve been an amazing experience for you. Can you tell the readers about that. Who do you want to collaborate with in the very near future?

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RLV: “That opportunity came out of no where.  Her ever so talented stylist Devon Milan and I actually started following each other on Instagram. We created an authentic, creative and friendly rapport.  We talked about working with each other and this was just the perfectly imperfect opportunity.  She called me from Philly 11p.m. 2 days before Cuban’s bday like,”Hey girl, I need a dress made let’s make it happen”. I was so not up for it. I had been dealing with so much physical pain but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to finally work with Devon and I also didn’t want to let her down because at this point we were friends.”

RLV: “Fast forward, the next morning before work, I went to the fabric store and picked up the fabric. I head into my job, work,  I (then) get home and IT’S TIME TO GET TO WORK. I stayed up all night and developed the pattern based off of a photo I saw on Cuban’s Instagram lol. I then sewed up the dress. I got an hour or so of sleep and then hopped in an Uber and made my way to Philly.”

RLV: “I met Devon for the first time in person. She was so warm and inviting. We immediately hit it off. We then made our way to an in house studio at the Lavender Boutique. I finally met Cuban during our fitting. She was so sweet. She had an innocence about her. In real life her body is amazing lol and her skin is flawless lol. We talked during the course of 3 fittings that night. I finally finished the dress in time for her birthday. She was so happy and pleased with the product. I really couldn’t believe I pulled it off. I tell myself NEVER AGAIN would I do that. I spent two weeks physically recovering, but the creative in me just might (do it all over again)lol

Let me just note how thrilled I was in meeting and finally getting the chance to collaborate with Reiss Le Vu. Her resiliency and willingness in being open truly showcases her authenticity and  strength.

Thank you for allowing this collaboration to become a reality for the readers here at!

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