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CSSBK for the Win!

Let’s meet, Jeannelle Daniel, Creative Director of Creative Square Studios BK.

I got the chance to touch base with CSSBK’s Creative Director, Jeannelle Daniel, and was enamored by all of the virtual events that she has been throwing to further bring families together in the safety and comfort of their homes. Having already collaborated with  CSSBK in previous write-ups, it was only right I reached out and checked in and finally interview the Creative Director during the pandemic.

What caused you to start Creative Square Studios BK?

Jeannelle: “I’ve always been fascinated with events and event planning. I come from a West Indian background, Island of St. Lucia where there was usually a get together for any type of event. Those memories as a child are what I look forward to now as an adult. I realized that many people need a safe space to have their special moments and creatives are always on the hunt for a clean, modern-looking, unique space with uplifting vibes for their projects. However, it’s been hard to find affordable and easily accessible event spaces in Brooklyn. CSSBK is the event space to meet those needs.”

Since the pandemic, what have these virtual events meant to you?

“Since the pandemic, I’ve learned that CSSBK is an essential business within its own right and we continue to fight to re-open, reinvented. Our virtual paint parties took lead and the response was heartwarming. Many of our clients were excited to get the chance to release stress and anxiety or join a safe and entertaining party. Many were happy that they could still celebrate their birthday and graduation and have their artwork to remember. We also had clients who had lost friends and family members due to COVID-19 and thanked us for creating and mainting a digital service. Simply put, these virtual events put a whole new meaning to art therapy, which was once intended as a sensory-filled activity to a source of relaxation and healing with a good turn up guaranteed!”

What other upcoming events should people look out for?

Here are some upcoming events:

Memorial Day Weekend

5/30/2020 – Soca N Paint


(I have my flag ready!)

5/31/2020-Kiddy Paint Party 


6/6/20-Graduation Ceremony Paint Party (via Zoom App) 


* All events except Graduation will be held on CSSBK’s Instagram Live!

Seniors, look out for the Graduation Ceremony Paint Party via Zoom! 

Thank you Jeannelle for collaborating with Takemetotheights in helping to deliver this piece to the readers! With all that’s planned out for children and adults, CSSBK truly caters to all while bringing communities together!

Make sure you’re following CSSBK on Instagram and be sure to check out their official website!

Now, we all can experience the fun, music, and culture CSSBK delivers!



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