Y’all…who would’ve thought I’d be back with ANOTHER blog post let alone in the same week?! I’m not even gonna lie…I am FEELIN myself. I feel like i have this brand new persona going on lol

But all jokes aside, I decided to turn this particular hair blog post into a video simply because I saw myself putting out videos in this new phase of my life.

I no longer wanted to feel as if I couldn’t share with you guys simply because I grew more and more frustrated and tired about my work life (I’ll get into that another day)

I also wanted to show you what I typically do on a Sunday (hint hint, SELF-CARE SUNDAY!!!)

These wash days are not only key to my hair but also helps me to unwind and really forget about the week I had prior.

So long and behold, here is my very first Co-Wash video (I’m still learning how to edit and what not so Co-wash will suffice for now lol)

Let me know your thoughts and what product(s) would you typically use on your wash day?

Products used:

As I Am Coconut Cowash

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