Let’s Get Married- A Virtual Quarantine Wedding (Brooklyn Style!)

Having met at 12 years old at their local church, Elaine Welteroth- author, former Editor-In-Chief of Teen Vogue and Project Runway judge along with life long love, John Singletary, proved that love and marriage can coexist during the darkest of times. As we faced the pandemic, this lovely couple threw a virtual quarantine wedding in their Brooklyn neighborhood.

Getting married in this day and age isn’t always about the glitz and glam as Elaine proved on her Brooklyn stoop wedding. The couple has shown us the true value of what it means to see things through no matter the circumstances in the name of love.







Guests practiced social distancing during the nuptials by maintaining 6 feet apart from one another on Weltroth’s sidewalk. Guests were also provided with gloves and masks along with bubbles, parasols, seeds to plant flowers, and Elaine’s mom’s homemade brownies. The couple had their guests prepare written letters to them indicating their congratulations, and or any marriage advice.

The outpour of love and support was showcased by neighbors along with the couples’ invited guests.

Above all else, congratulations to Elaine Welteroth and John Singletary on their nuptials!

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