Long Nails Jstlbby GIF by Trés SheSo long and behold we at FINALLY decided to discuss all things nail and nail tech/artistry.

We chose to do this to not only tap into some beautiful nails and the artistry behind it but also stress the significance behind pampering ourselves every now and again.

Luxury is subjective yet, it should be stressed that we all take into account the splendor and true beauty of self-care practices. This particular self-care practice is one that our EIC and founder, Magnolia, has always admired. 

As a preteen, I can recall a time where my mom and sisters would frequently get their nails done. I remember at the age of 11 getting my first set of acrylics (just to have my nails like theirs) prior to going on vacation. The zebra detailing and construction of those nails have always stayed embedded in the back of my mind and those feelings of being pampered at a young age set the tone for how I envisioned self-care for myself.”

Nails have always been that staple self-care practice that some individuals look forward to in helping them unwind and tap into wellness. Upon entering phase 3 of the global pandemic of COVID-19, we couldn’t help but think about how nail techs reshifted their approach and took the necessary precautions to stay abreast of the changes and adapt to the current circumstances.

We decided to turn this particular series into two separate posts to showcase a few nail techs we’ve been eyeing on our Instagram feeds/recommendations we received on a post we created seeking nail techs.

Gaining our inspiration from talented nail artists like Lux K, Gracie J of TEN Studio NYC, and many others, we wanted to stress the significance of tapping into self-care but also illustrate the many ways in which nail artists/techs showcase their love of this career.

Stay tuned for part two as we highlight nail techs that have not only caught our eye but are passionate about the work that they do and give us a little behind the scenes into their respective nail tech approaches all the while navigating through COVID-19.




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