Fashion Week Faves

Hey love bugs. This post has been completely LONG OVERDUE. My deepest apologies. I spent quite sometime doing some research on finding my favorite looks from this years FASHION WEEK.

I narrowed it to these 3 key elements:

  1. I can be able to recreate some looks with AFFORDABLE pieces.
  2. Can be worn either day or night.
  3. These pieces can ultimately flatter my figure.

So, with that being said, here are my top five  my favorite pieces from Versace’s Spring 2017 Ready to Wear collection!!!!!!!!


versace-fave-look-8-nyfwVersace Look 1-

versace fave look 7 nyfw.jpgVersace look 2-

versace-look-2-nyfwVersace look 3-

versace fave look 3 nyfw.jpgVersace look 4-

versace fave look 5 nyfw.jpgVersace look 5-

Check out the collection here:

Let me know in the comments section which was your favorite look from this collection or if you have a different designer in mind, please let me know!!!!

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Trend Spotting Summer 2K16

Can’t believe my last blog entry was in February.  😦  What a shame. Aside from my courses, I was growing beyond frustrated with so many things. I slowly but surely kept putting my blog on the back burner. After being asked today when am I going to blog again, it dawned on me that I kept making excuses for no longer blogging.

Well, here I am no longer turning my back on takemetotheheights. I have so many fresh ideas that I want to bring to you guys. But for now, I’ll show you some summer trends that I’ve been seeing as of lately.

One in particular trend that I’m obsessed with are chokers. I recently picked up mine from Forever21.

Medallion Choker in Antique Gold

I scored this baby for $6.90. Luckily, this choker in particular is back in stock. Here’s the link if you’re looking to buy your own choker >>>>>>>: forever21

I love the fact that this particular trend came back hailing from the 90’s yet with a modern twist. Looks like I’ll be collecting these too.(Hi my name is Magz and I’m addicted to collecting chokers lol)

As always, please be sure to check out my next blog entry featuring another trend that’s been causing a scene this summer 2k16. Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me which trend you’ve been into for the summer. Also, be sure to share this blog with your friends and follow me on my social media handles located below.

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Part✌️of Winter Outerwear 2016

My apologies world. School started again and I’m swamped. However, I still needed to make time to upload my other hidden gem for WINTER OUTERWEAR. This beauty is from ZARA and it’s my masculine style jacket. I wanted it to look a bit oversized so I ordered it in a large. I managed to get this jacket at a decent price at about $70. It was originally at $99.90. Even though I should’ve waited until after Christmas to get the sale {$39.90 😦 } But I couldn’t help myself so I grabbed it while I could.

 Zara- Menswear coat7901221800_2_3_1


I have the option of wearing either the collars up or down. It also has a snap button closure and 3 tailored style pockets.

Peep the slideshow lol

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2016 Winter Outerwear if you Dare

I don’t know about you, but its COLD lol. And like most New Yorkers, I am complaining about the weather. However, I will say we got a chance to get spoiled a bit with 60 to 70 degree weather before 2015 closed out.

Although the frigid temps are definitely not my thing, I can truthfully say I look forward to one thing and one thing only:


Towards the end of last year going into 2016, there have been some WINTER outerwear that I’ve been eyeing like crazy. As always, I try to look for an amazing deal and something a little out of my comfort zone when scoring a jacket or coat. I decided to showcase to you all some amazing jackets/coats that have been my absolute fave. The first for this segment lol I wanted to show you was a bomber jacket.

LONGLINE BOMBER JACKET( or better known as my weekend jacket for just relaxing)

For 2016, I STRONGLY believe the longline bomber jacket will continue to reign supreme. With its VERSATILE, COMFORTABLE and VINTAGE appeal, these bomber jackets seem to me that they’ll stick around for quite a while. Stemming back from the 20th century, the bomber jacket’s longer more modern approach has been worn by both men and women making it definitely a unisex piece. Designers have also changed the look of the bomber jacket all throughout their runways.

I truly believe that overtime, these jackets will eventually become a staple in everyone’s closet. I couldn’t resist its appeal so I got a chance to purchase mine right before the holidays  : )

I love the fact that almost every clothing store carries these jackets in so many different variations. Some could range as high as $200 (or more depending on the store and/or designer) to as little as about $50. So no one isn’t left out in scoring on of these gems.

Olive green version (ASOS)


Maroon vibes (Missguided)


Classic Black(Forever21) My gem!



With its quilted lining and drawstring, I couldn’t say no to this bomber beauty. Not only is it inexpensive but quite warm.I could get away with layering a bit depending on how cold it is to not having to layer at all due to its thick lining.

So if you haven’t gotten a chance to score a bomber as yet, check out these places I’ve attached to the pictures to get some ideas.

Be sure to check out my next blog highlighting segment 2 of 2016 Winter Outerwear!

Don’t forget to leave a comment on what is your ideal weekend jacket and or coat!

Let’s Paint the town with Poetry

So with 2016 in full swing, I got a chance to watch an amazing friend of mine grace the stage with her infectious spoken word. I was beyond proud and moved by her performance. Thank you @parlayliving for your realness on stage.

I also got a chance to check out CHOSENking (@werchosen_114) perform and bless the audience with his melodic voice. He moved the crowd with ease and had all the ladies singing along with him.

This event in particular so proudly called Paint and Poetry(@paintandpoetrynyc) created by @mojodisco brought out artists, poets, musicians, singers, you named it, Paint and Poetry definitely had it last Saturday night.

Besides the awesome talent that I was surrounded by, I couldn’t help but notice the DARING, BOLD and SIMPLISTIC pieces I saw throughout the night.

Three looks in particular truly CAPTURED my eye.

This talented poet herself kept it CASUAL and SIMPLISTIC with her leather jacket, that was contrasted by her beige fedora, white sneakers, maroon turtle neck and effortlessly tying it back with her black leather purse and black jeans that were ripped at the knees. Thanks @augustwillsun for letting me take your picture!


These last two looks reminded of how much I love vintage pieces. I loved how both incorporated DENIM into their looks in their own way making it feel AUTHENTIC but all the while MINIMAL. With @nayamacc(left) looking CONFIDENT and giving me 90’s all the way with her look, I couldn’t help but give her kudos that night. As for @callme.payton, I loved how she played with the idea of playing around with an oversized DENIM long sleeved shirt but keeping it minimal and classic with her black tube dress. MINIMALISM at its finest. Thank you both for letting me take not one but two pictures!!IMG_1798

Although I only got a chance to capture these three looks, Paint and Poetry was jam packed with so many other individuals who weren’t afraid to step outside of the box and truly own their look.

I was beyond thrilled I got a chance to check out Paint and Poetry that night. All the excitement about the new year and the amazing talents that were presented on and off stage truly inspired me and allowed me to remain hopeful about this year.

Let me know what you’re looking forward to in 2016 in the comment section!