New Year, New Gear!

As I thankfully end my 2015 chapter, I will say that this year in particular is all about personal growth. So with that being said, I figured why not experiment with new pieces to fully experience my overall change for good!!

Typically, with the New Year, people live by the cliche motto of ‘New Year, New Me’, but I figured why not let your clothing translate that.

Try incorporating pieces into your closet that you never dreamed about wearing. By doing so, this can easily help to push you in trying new things without the stupid demands of trying to fit in.

For this New Year, I figured why not buy a dress. Okay, I know I own a few already but I couldn’t help but stay away from this dress in particular, especially at the deal I got if for : ) Before I made this purchase, of course I thought about the ideal price point I would want to spend, then from there, I looked to see what I already owned. I saw that I owned a few dresses that were ALL SHORT. Short dresses will always be cute and flirty but I wanted to try something I’ve never thought about ever wearing. I noticed I didn’t own any long evening dresses.

With that already in the back of my mind, that helped me to narrow down my choices for the type of dress I was looking for to ring in 2016! Asking for some feedback from my best friend also helped too. I ended up ordering mine from Love Culture.

Unlike other websites, I loved how organized and well-thoughout the site was for customers. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated in finding some AFFORDABLE, GLAM, BUT COMFY evening dresses. I was so surprised.

I ended up finding more than 10 dresses I wanted lol but I decided to narrow down my findings to just 5 for you all. Here we go!

Dress 1


Dress 2


Dress 3


Dress 4


Dress 5


It was hard to pick with these dresses ranging from about $22-$30 at most, but I knew I wanted something simplistic. Which dress I chose? Well see for yourself!


I ended up going for dress 5. Besides its COMFORT, this dress to me was by far BEAUTIFUL. Besides the slit in the front, it also had an opening in the back. It gave the look I was going for: EDGINESS, a bit of SEXY and I didn’t feel like I was doing too much.


So if you ladies are interested, don’t hesitate in checking out Love Culture. You definitely won’t be disappointed : )

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know which of these 5 dresses you loved the most and wouldn’t be afraid to try out on your own. Or if you have a personal fave, please feel free to share with the others in your comments.

As always don’t forget to spread love and make the most out of your day.😘