Nailed it again!

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As mentioned in our previous post (Nailed It), we have returned with our final talented nail tech who has been in this industry for three years. Upon receiving this recommedation from another follower on our Instagram page, we instantly had to follow-up and gain more insight about this noteworthy nail tech. Let’s keep reading and discover more about Amara!

Let’s Meet: Amara of Nailed it by Amara!

IMG_0012 2 Nailed it by Amara was created when I one day decided that I wanted to follow my almost life long dream of doing nails, while also giving amazing customer service because it was something I wasn’t used to experiencing when I went to the nail salon.

As a child, my mother had the quintessential 90’s girl super long nails. The (nails) curved, and they were all hers. We went to the nail salon every 2 weeks like clockwork for a fill-in. (From there) that’s (where) I found my love for nails. I was 6 years old when I told my mother that I would own a nail salon. It took me a while to commit to the dream. But I’m here now.

Nailed It By Amara is my small little escape from reality where I get to attempt perfection on tiny canvases the same way I grew up watching it be done for my mother at the nail salon. 

IMG_4367(With) COVID-19, (it) made me change the ways in which I think as far as owning my own business. It made me figure out a way to express myself and make money, all while quarantined in the house.

(As a result of quarantine measures) I decided to make press on nails. I could do nails without ever having to touch a single client and I could make money while doing it. I had quite a bit of orders (to fulfill) and it most definitely helped me keep my sanity as well as stay afloat. 

(With regard to specialization) it’s weird to say that I specialize in something because in my eyes I never feel like I perfected something. But,  I specialize in acrylic nail enhancements as well as gel polish and enhancements. 

Interestingly enough, I’m just getting comfortable with considering myself as an artist. But I feel that I developed my artistry thanks to the good ‘ole YouTube University and Instagram. I often search for things that I want to try and watch tons of videos and tutorials on how to achieve the look, and then I go sit at my nail table for hours and recreate until I like the finished product.

IMG_4365I’ve attended a few classes that have helped me learn more as a nail technician. But I must honestly say that my clients play a huge role in my development. They more often than not will show me something that they want to do that I’ve never done, and we’ll keep trying until we get it right. Many of the things that they’ve brought to me to recreate or to achieve have been things that I’ve been able to add to my arsenal of nail techniques. 

I started doing my own nails for fun and taking it seriously in 2016. I became a licensed nail technician in 2017, and I’ve been fully submerged in all things nails since then. 


(As far as advice goes) my one piece of advice that I have for anyone just starting out is do not underestimate how much of an undertaking doing nails actually is. We tend to watch people do a job for so long, to the point that we think it’s no big deal and that we can easily do what they’ve trained themselves to do overtime.

This leads to new nail techs getting discouraged when they try to recreate a look and it doesn’t come out as perfect as the original art. It’s okay. This job isn’t easy, and you most likely won’t be perfect on the first try. Don’t let that stop you. 

For future clients looking to achieve any of these nail looks and then some be sure to visit Amara’s website: and book your appointment.



Sunday Vibes

Hey and welcome back to!!!!

Feels incredibly amazing to be back to give you another blog post. Coming into the last week of July, (let’s keep in mind that we’ve also entered the MIDDLE OF 2020, activate Mr. Krabs Meme)

confused mr krabs GIFIt’s been quite the whirlwind, to say the least. Despite all that has occurred and keeps surprising us, I humbly believe in the power behind what this particular year has meant. For me, it FINALLY meant (the struggle has been real for your girl at times) to not only honor the space I’m in but heavily step into all that I am and all that I will be. 

I remember in the past where I used to yearn for time to be able to truly tap into all that I enjoy doing. Although we can do without the current circumstances of COVID-19, (please continue to practice social distancing and wear your mask.) I honestly have a deeper appreciation for the things I once took for granted. 

I can recall back to last year in the moments where I felt extremely tired from my day-to-day; not having the desire to do much of anything but just sleep after commuting home from work.

Now, the time spent in basking in my relaxation, my personal journey (I’ll eventually get to that) really honing in the time in talking to my loved ones has taught me a valuable lesson throughout all of this: “no matter what may be going on, continue to honor yourself in all of your glory and pour into yourself in all that you are and all that you are striving to become.”

Aside from that, (and this sizzling summer we’ve been experiencing -____-) I wanted to also check-in and see how you’ve been doing. Yes, you reading this blog post. I truly meant what I said in my last post where I hope we’ve all been taking the necessary energy (heavy on the ENERGY) to pour into our own cups and take care of our well- being. I won’t lie and say I didn’t succumb to the woes of being glued to my phone (more now than ever, Instagram and Facebook on heavy rotation) and not taking the necessary space to UNPLUG and unwind.

I unplugged for a bit coming into that last Sunday of July and I am eternally grateful that I was able to do so. My unplugging this time around involved me heading to the park submerging myself into nature’s splendor. The moment my feet touched the grass and felt that cool sensation, I literally felt like I was in heaven.

Coming into that last Sunday, I vowed to continue to not only pouring into myself (glass is ALWAYS full!) but striving to make it a conscientious habit of mine moving forward. Sundays reminder to myself into placing a deeper and richer priority to my well-being is my way of letting you know to continue to do the same for yourselves no matter what the circumstances.

As we course towards the end of the month, let’s be more congnizant of how we are practing self-care and what that ideally looks like for us. Is it beneficial to your well-being? Does it bring you joy? What other feelings come up as you tap deeply into your self-care practices?

Above all else, let’s allow July to bring us more joy as we prepare for August. Let me know in the reply section what your self-care practices look like and what you’re looking forward to in August.

Until next blog post,

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Rise up in June

Before I even begin tonight’s blog post, let me just say: “Hola. What’s up?”

It’s been a while since my last post here at

Before I jump into what tonight’s post is all about, It would be a disservice to myself and to the readers if I did’nt address what’s been on my heart/mind coming into June with all that’s been going on. With the most recent case revolving Elijah McClain, the protests circulating the murder of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives taken by law enforcement, it was imperative to shine a light to those who are no longer here.

I felt that it was best to say that we must continue to embrace life and the glory that lies behind it. Coming into June, I found myself using different ways to express my thoughts/feelings about all that has been going on. However, an experience where I shared my thoughts made me reaffirm the significance with just how empowering it felt to truly amplify my voice.

Tonight’s particular post is dedicated to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, and the countless other Black lives that have been taken. I almost had no desire to share yet I knew it was best for me to keep pushing through. Granted it has been an overwhelmng experience witnessing the lives lost on full display on the news but channeling the way in which I needed to close out this month was all the more reason for me to truly express my thoughts.

Black Lives Matter Fist GIF by sofianewhoknocks

With that being said, I have decided to put a pause on how often I am writing out these blog posts and will reach out to other outlets to effectively use my voice and support other brands who not only look like me but truly strive for change. In the coming weeks, there will be changes made to the site as I continue to revamp/rework a few backend things.

But before I close out tonight’s blog post, I just want to stress the significance of how divine we truly are and although we face trials and tribulations, we are undeniably filled with a magic that is inpenetrable. 

  • Love on one another as much as you can and truly cherish each other.
  • Know that you are doing all that you can and then some regardless of what your medium of expression is.
  • When it gets too overwhelming from the news/any other media outlet and or social media, unplug and take care of yourself/each other in the healthiest way possible.

If this particular post resonated with you in any way shape or form, please leave me your replies. 

With peace and an infinite amount of love,

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New Leaf

Hey and welcome back to

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First, I’d like to take this time to acknowledge all the moms, expectant mothers, and all those who play mom in the lives of their loved ones. Yesterday’s Mother’s Day was indeed different with regard to quarantine living, but I truly hope all those that were able to celebrate were granted the opportunity to do so.

Coming into 2020 Mother’s Day, I won’t lie I was feeling a little overwhelmed. The first order of business, I took some time away from social media. I spent the vast majority of Mother’s Day creating and remaining peaceful but also allowing myself the space to express any emotion I needed to. I didn’t feel pressured to make a post about it as I knew I was going to spend that day reflecting.

I thought about all of the beautiful memories I was able to create with my mother. I couldn’t help but also think about those who spent their Mother’s Day without their loved ones. So I decided to turn today’s blog post into a dedication post/how to cope without a loved one while quarantined.

Now I will note it wasn’t easy for me to step away from my phone for a bit (quarantine living new norm) but I knew, in the end, it will make me feel all the better about that particular holiday.

And so, I’ve thought about 4 ways to use coping mechanisms while quarantined

(There are others but for the sake of the current climate in practicing social distancing, these will suffice)

  1. Reach out to a close friend/loved one. Sharing your thoughts and ultimately connecting with someone will give you the space to feel heard.

  2. Create new memories/recount old memories. As a creative, I find solace in producing art. Whenever I have the space to do so, it feels like a literal weight is off of my shoulders.

  3. Take into account how you’re feeling. Journal any thought/emotion you’re feeling and or showcasing.

  4. Utilize resources like counseling or therapy. There are many licensed professionals who are offering cost-effective services virtually. is one online resource that offers a listing of these professionals.

There are hundreds of other ways but with our new “norm” and practicing social distancing, I compiled a list of the safest/healthiest ways to cope while quarantine living.

Let me know how did you go about celebrating your loved one while quarantined? Is there a healthy coping mechanism that you utilize not listed above? If so, let me know in the replies.

As always, thank you for taking the time in checking out today’s post. It means more to me than you’ll ever know!

Until the next blog post,

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My May

Hey y’all and welcome back to! As we approach the last day of April(yes I finally printed a calendar, so my concept of time is back!) I wanted to check-in with the readers and ask, how are you?

Happy How Are You GIF by YouTube

As of lately, I’ve been feeling rather optimistic and overall hopeful. I’ve been allowing myself the opportunity to just remaining present all the while savoring the time I have now to truly pour into myself. I spent months beforehand pouring into a job, people, and their opinions all the while I kept putting things on the back GIF by Black Girls Rock

Now, look at this growth!

Coming into April (after I gave myself the permission to feel any and every wave of emotion from March) I was ready to fully take on all that I wanted and really be on my Megan The Stallion mood (I know I’m not the only one who has listened to the remix)Megan Thee Stallion GIF by Moneybagg Yo

So with that being said, I’ve decided to title this blog post-“My May”. For anyone looking to set new intentions, start a new project, collaborate with a brand, or even relish in this time we have, I want you to look at May and say “My May.” Let this month be the start of all that we will accomplish all the while honoring how we feel.

Whichever course you decide to take for “My May”  is OKAY. Don’t feel pressured to produce something simply because of what or who you follow on your socials. Be present in the now and really soak in the time we have.

Above all else, I’m reaffirming May to be the month of us fulfilling all of our personal goals, stepping out of our comfort zone (for me it’s been recording more), and remaining faithful in my creative endeavors.

Let me know what your intentions are coming into May?. What has April taught you moving forward?

Before I end tonight’s post, I just want to take this time in thanking all of the essential workers that have been working on the front lines, as well as all of my fellow educators who have been going above and beyond for their students. Parents, thank you for continuing to push through this difficult time as you continue to wear many hats and still put on a brave face for your loved ones. Lastly, I just want to note how proud I am of the students doing their due diligence in heading into their Zoom classrooms or even completing their assignments. You are all amazing and I am incredibly proud of you.

Let’s continue to practice safe and healthy measures as we enter a new month during unprecedented times.

As always peace, love and I hope to catch you in the next blog post,

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