Skincare wasn’t always a huge deal for me. Yet now that I’m getting older, I’m noticing that my skin is changing. I have more moles on my face (which I like since they’re by my eyes which add a nice touch) I’m noticing more oil than usual and dry spots on different parts of my face like my cheeks.

So long and behold, my skincare regimen needed to change. I was the St. Ives, I need to exfoliate every night chick. That was pretty much the only product I used until I found out that the beads in those products didn’t dissolve.

As a result, I started using other products that were either too harsh on my skin or did nothing to leave it moisturized.

I didn’t know what to use or what steps I should be taking to have better skin.

Then it dawned on me.

Maybe just maybe, my skin should be taken better care of. Especially if I was devoting the time to read more and learn more about what ideally worked or didn’t work for my skin.

I decided to take this portion of to introduce my skin as well as you all to skincare products that are not only pocket-friendly but also natural. I’ll also go in and provide you my simplistic skin care regimen for what I do to maintain a fairly clear and acne free skin.

Stay tuned for product reviews as well as other skin care related topics I’ll be sharing with you!

If you have a product or own body butter or other skin care products that are natural and are looking for someone to review them, be sure to click that contact tab and shoot me an email!


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