Seek and Destroy

“You push me past my own capacity….” Sza

Hey and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! It feels incredible to be back with another blog post. To be completely honest, I didn’t think this post would see the light of day as private and reflective I am in my own time. But, I knew I’d be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t take the opportunity to let go and share with you what I experienced in a previous relationship. So yea, in hindsight I will discuss about me breaking up/calling it quits in a past experience, but tap more into what happened as I found myself losing sight of all that I was becoming at the time.

I’m gonna back track a bit so please bare with me. Now I don’t usually delve into my personal life here, but for the sake of being more intentional with you, it only seemed right to give you the opportunity to get to know me a bit more, in this particular light. Having written a post back in my twenties in talking about a previous relationship, I only touched on what the ripple effect felt like for me. Fast forward to my thirties, as I grow more reflective in my choices while dating, I knew towards the end of that relationship, it no longer served me in the way that I initially envisioned. The honey moon phase was over, and I began to see this person in a completely different light.

I found myself wanting to stay with a person for the sake of saying I was with someone. ( I know, that sounds ridiculous looking back now) I should’ve walked away when things didn’t go as I thought they would. When I first got wind of the cheating, it was honestly the furthest thing on my mind as I was under the impression that the level of closeness was honest and sincere between the two of us. Yet, I am reminded that people will tell you about themselves the first time around in their actions, behaviors and what they ultimately talk about.

But in hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise. Throughout that entire ordeal, I knew I deserved so much better for myself, but I was reminded of that familiar feeling of when I initially got with the individual and for my own ridiculous reasons, I stayed a few months after (I know, I know. Now before y’all yell at me hear me out) No there’s no excuse, but when that familiar feeling began to feel comforting, part of me was beginning to believe that this was indeed my man (in my Yung Miami voice) and that maybe I’d be able to get over that hurdle. I was wrong.

When I decided to stay, I felt stuck. Like I’d been put in quick sand, with no way out. Part of me knew I had the opportunity to just walk away, but the literal thought of starting over with someone else, frightened me back then. It was then on when I realized I was losing sight on the most important person throughout that experience. I was losing sight on me. I no longer was doing the things like coming here and sharing a space with you or reaching out to the people that mattered the most to me during that time. When I was ultimately handed an ultimatum (child, I know smh) it was time for me to walk away once and for all (ungracefully but I’ve learned) it was at that moment I knew how much more I’ll gain from walking away from a person/experience that never really deserved my time nor my energy.

I touch on this particular moment because I am reminded in just how empowered I feel when I give myself the grace to walk away from situations, experiences and people who bring me out of my character or even put me in predicaments to question my own judgement. I’ve learned the power in letting go but how much more powerful I feel in knowing I gave myself the choice in choosing the latter and reaffirming all of who I am and all of who I am becoming in choosing myself, over and over again.

I’d be doing a disservice to myself if I stayed in experiences or situations, where people are not doing the inner work in wanting to become better versions of themselves. I’d be limiting myself if I chose stagnancy. With all that I’ve accomplished at the time, I stopped taking in the moments to tap into gratitude, or even focus on my needs.

But looking back, I am grateful that often times in moments like what I experienced, allowed me to really delve deep and figure out what I deem as acceptable for me.

As I continue to course through the dating scene (I’ll save the updates for another day) I am reminded with how important it is for me to continue to extend the grace back to myself but also remember that I owe it to myself to continue to put my needs before anything and anyone else.

Before I end this post, I want to thank you for taking the time for coming back and checking out another piece, here at Takemetotheheights.com. Let me know how do you navigate through breakups/tap back in to your needs? Be sure to leave me your thoughts in the reply section, and as always, I’ll catch you in the next post!

With peace and love,


Time Travel

I’m tired of time travel, I
Rather stay here with my

Welcome back to another installment of Takemetotheheights.com! The last time I typed those words was back in October. To be completely honest with you, I didn’t feel ready to come back into this space. Aside from my imposter syndrome creeping through like a thief in the night, there were the moments where I felt worried about coming back and writing. Was I gonna delve deeper? (in knowing I shared this space with all of you for so long?) Better yet, how much was I willing to address/divulge with the readers?

Well, in full transparency, it took some time for me to come back to this particular space as work/school began to pile up and I found myself making excuses as to why I didn’t write ( I don’t have enough time, I don’t feel ready, what if I’m saying too much? what if this isn’t enough?)But I knew early on as I ventured into 2023, I would immerse myself into my work all through winter to avoid any repressed feelings I had at the time about coming into April.

Those new here, April will always hold a special place in my heart, as that marks another birthday where I reminisce and think about my mom. I remember the wave of emotions I felt in writing about losing a loved one, but I couldn’t fathom the ripple effect it would have in my life as I got older. During that time at 27 years old, I spent most of it learning how to navigate the world (as best as I could) through my waves of isolation. Who would’ve known back then I was trying my hardest to tap in and figure out my needs?

Fast forward to my thirties, I still have those moments where I crave those convos with my mom all over again especially as I relish in my new norm, honoring all that I’ve accomplished in hitting certain milestones in my life (like going back to school, starting a business, and building the life I’ve always envisioned for myself thankfully)

But those thoughts aside, I knew it was time for me to unpack a bit more here. I remember back to when/why I started this site. It served as a safe space for me to unload and release anything that I needed to, so I no longer felt compelled to continue to carry the at times heavy burden of my repressed thoughts and feelings about my mom.

As I got older, and life began to change, this site became my safe haven. A place for me to dispel my truth and not be worried about how anyone would feel about it. It was essentially an open diary for me where I allowed myself to flow through any emotion that came about.

I ultimately began rediscovering the power in expressing my vulnerability. No longer having the bandwidth/nor the desire in dismissing any of my feelings especially in a space that I’ve cultivated and nurtured over the years for myself and in turn with the readers.

So I mention all of this as I ground myself/tap back in to redefine what these moments of reflection and thoughts about my mom mean to me. How I’ve been able to share these particular moments with you (as gracefully as I could) and the power behind sharing more of me, (after all of these years) with you means to me. How I’m redefining what expression looks like for me during these moments. And all the more I’ll continue to release as I honor these instances where I remove another layer of myself and reveal more of me through my words.

All in all, I am incredibly grateful to come back to a space that will always be home for me. So here’s to redefining my vulnerability, and not being afraid to do so, in all ways, always.

With peace and love,

EIC, Takemetotheheights


When Art Imitates Life

an interview with Tiffany Baker by Magnolia

Welcome back to another interview here at Takemetotheheights.com!

I am overjoyed in coming back with another individual who has shown me what art imitates life truly looks like. For those of you who are unaware, my first medium in expressing myself was art. Having the opportunity to meet this person allowed me to relieve my eight/nine year old elementary school days, composition notebook in tow filled with my sketches. Let’s dive in and get to meet visual artist, Tiffany Baker.

Takemetotheheights: Can you tell the readers who you are?

Tiffany Baker: My name is Tiffany Baker. I am a Brooklyn based artist, illustrator, and muralist. I am originally from Chicago, and I call Brooklyn home now, even though I spend a lot of time between (the two places) both Brooklyn and Chicago. I have a studio in Brooklyn as well, where I create most of my fine art pieces. I also work in oil, acrylic, graphite and I also work digitally as well.

TMTTHS: “In thinking about the different things you work with like oil, acrylic, graphite, who got you into art?

T.B: I think art chose me. I was always drawing when I was a child. My earliest memories were 3 and 4 years old, asking for a sheet of paper to draw the scenes in my coloring books. I didn’t color in my coloring books. I just wanted to draw the pictures. My mom was very confused. She would say ‘I would buy you all of these coloring books but you would never use them.’

TMTTHS: (laughs)

T.B: I was like ‘ I’m chill I just want to draw these pictures.’ I remember trying to draw everything I saw. And I also remember making little sculptures when I was younger out of like aluminum foil and toilet paper (laughs)

TMTTHS: Fantastic (laughs)

TMTTHS: Background aside, and just thinking more recently in your life, the book signing for J is for Justice, can you walk me through the process behind all of that? How did you get the opportunity to illustrate for such an impactful children’s book?

T.B: Sure. For so many years people have asked me ‘do you ever see yourself illustrating a children’s book?’ and I would even say no, or I don’t know. I don’t have the desire to and fast forward to the end of 2021, I was reached out to by Dara Beevas. She is half owner of a Minneapolis based publishing company and they’d been following my work for a while and they told me about the project J is for Justice. I was like this is it. I guess this is going to happen. We settled everything with a contract, and then I started working on/reading over the manuscript. I even met with Nekima Levy Armstrong at that point and we started beginning our conversations about what the book is about, the inspiration the character.

Nekima Levy Armstrong and Troy D. Johnson at J is for Justice book signing Photo Credit: Kimani Howell

T.B: So from January to August, I was using procreate to come up with the character, draw the scenes. We met every single week during that time, an hour or two hours, at length between the months of January and August. And we went page by page, scene by scene, character by character and fleshed out what the book was really going to look like.The moment when it started looking like a real book to me is when me hired a book designer. What a book designer does is they take your drawings and your creations and they lay them out on the page with the type. That was a game changer. I felt like “okay this is real. This is actually happening. Everyone was floored with the layout and how they (the characters) looked, all of the different options, with all of the different illustrations that I put together.

T.B: And then from August to the launch, that was the whole printing process. We had the final files together, we sent it off to print and surprisingly, it takes a really long time for books to be printed. This is my first time in this type of project flow.

TMTTHS: My follow up question to that is seeing your art in this particular medium, in a children’s book, did you have this moment where you thought, ‘children are going to read this story, they’re going to recognize my artwork, and it’s really gonna essentially follow them as they get older. They’re gonna look back and reflect on reading J is For Justice, when they were however young. Do you ever have those moments where you’re just thinking ‘I illustrated a children’s book and they’re gonna look back some odd years from now.

T.B (laughs)

TMTTHS: (Laughs)

T.B: I haven’t had the look back moment yet. But in little ways. I’ve done murals in the neighborhood and as I’m painting, parents and people with children would walk by and they’ll say things like ‘mommy, look what she’s doing.’ That really means a lot to me because I remember when I was that little girl and I saw someone creating art and it was very magical for me. And I projected myself onto that person and I said “I wanna do that. Like that’s how I wanna live. That’s what I wanna be. That moment as a snap shot, fast forward to the book, now the book is here! And I’m just like, everything you said and more. Not only are kids gonna interact with it. Hold it, its gonna be like lodged in their memory, growing up. Which is even more rewarding than anything I feel like I’ve worked on up until now. So it’s really cool actually.

TMTHS: Wow, so I purposely haven’t done the grand reveal of the story yet to my students only because life is lifing classroom wise) but a lot of the times, I tell them “I have something special to share with you friends.”

T.B: (laughs)

TMTTHS: And I can’t wait to see how you’re gonna react to it. I can’t wait to share that with you!

T.B: (laughs) I would love it!

TMTTHS :(laughs)

T.B: “Whenever I see young children hold the book, like one little girl even held the book and she kissed the cover and the main character, I see the reaction, I see little kids really connecting with the main character. And that’s super powerful to me.”

TMTTHS: Right, right. Wow, that’s so sweet!

T.B: (laughs)

TMTTHS: But J is for Justice aside, are you looking to do more, in terms of providing more of your artwork for these children’s books, stories or something along the lines of that?

TB: Yes! Absolutely. I wanna tell more Black stories. More stories with characters who look like us, who come from our experiences, that our children can relate to so they see a reflection of themselves in literature and in media. I’m really close with my family so I grew up hanging out with my cousins, spending time at grandma’s house and I would love to tell stories about that, about the bond that two people have even if they aren’t siblings. Or they are best friends that feel like siblings growing up. So, I’d love to tell those stories of coming of age, and intimacy and make it bright and colorful and for us.

TMTTHS: Definitely! I would love to see it and shove (those type of books) in the classroom library.

T.B: Yeah! (laughs)

TMTTHS: (Laughs) Even in thinking about the opportunity and creating for J is for Justice, in the realm of art, do you have any particular advice for someone looking to become an artist or within that realm of practicing that particular medium (showcased in J is for Justice)

T.B: Yeah. For sure. My first advice, which is psychologically, a game changer. Just announce that you’re an artist over over and when people ask you what you, don’t (say) ‘I do art on the side.’ No. Announce that you’re an artist. Say I’m an artist. I’m just starting out or I’m early career or however you wanna spin it to make you feel comfortable. But arrive there psychologically. And then also, I would tell ppl figure out what kind of artist they wanna be. They don’t have to know it right away. Or maybe they’re a multidisciplinary artist. You can do that by going to different art shows, seeing what you’re drawn to, what you respond to. If you can, (or) have the opportunity, visit an artist at their studio to see how their process is. You can maybe ask to intern for them or shadow them for a couple of months, just to get your feet wet, to get your hands busy, to see what it is means to be a living, working artist.

T.B: Also, go to art shows and meet other people who are up and coming or who are aspiring to create more work like yourself. What’s gonna happen is no artist can live silo, and you’d have to have a community of other artists and other creatives around you to feed your creative hunger. So those would be the things I’d tell people to do if they’re looking to break into the art world because the inclination to be an artist already means that you’re creative and you’ve decided for yourself you are an artist. So just start saying it.

TMTTHS: I’m a firm believer of stepping fully into who you are, so thank you for sharing that. But even moving further, what’s been the most fulfilling aspect or experience you’ve come into as an artist?

TB: Recently, I’ve had a lot of support and a lot of bonding with family and friends because now I’m at a stage in my life where my family and friends, who’ve been there since the beginning, can interact with my art, it’s out there in the world. They’re coming to my art shows. They’re seeing me show up in different places. I feel like that full circle moment of community around me, and also like my day ones, being able to see my work at galleries (and what not) that’s the most fulfilling thing for me right now.

TMTTHS: That’s fantastic. So now I’m going to delve a bit deeper. I like to ask this particular type of question to any and every type of creative I come into contact with only because I noticed that often times we can live very much in the now and getting things done and often times come to a place where one might say “okay, this is it for right now. Or, I’m okay in the season I’m in right now.

TMTTHS: But it’s five years from now , what are you hoping to accomplish then, in the sense of your artwork, the different mediums you tap into, like graphite, and things like that. (What you’ve accomplished in thinking of J is for Justice) But five years has passed, what are you looking to see or accomplish then?

T.B: I’ll respond to the first part of your comment. I think to combat any sort of complacency in your art journey or your path, it’s always important to remain a student and keep learning. There are so many different materials that you can work with as an artist and I, to this day take art classes. I sign up for painting classes just to keep my skills sharp. I research the different materials that I wanna work in, (research) different people who are doing new things with materials I’ve used for years. So to combat any complacency, I always want to have a growth mindset about where my work can go and what I can do.

T.B: In five years, I would love to be showing internationally. I’d love to have a list of dedicated collectors, people who enjoy my work. People who want to see me grow and do more of the work they enjoy seeing and more books especially. Then I want to give back. I have a studio as I mentioned before and I started my business which is Studio HBK. I want that to expand and I want to offer programming and classes and be able to mentor people and especially very young people, who are not exposed to art or whose families are not very keen on a career in the arts or what that even looks like. So those are some of the things I would love love love to be involved with in the next five years.

TMTTHS: I’m looking forward to seeing that. In just thinking about some of the students I’ve worked with in the past or just people I come into contact with in the sense of just becoming complacent at times, then you sharing the notion in having a growth mindset. Staying a student, always having that approach, that desire in wanting to learn more. Thank you for sharing that.

T.B: Yeah of course, it’s important because you’ll find your creative rut. There’s a whole list of things you can do if you ever find yourself in a rut creatively. You can journal, you can meditate. Changing scenery is very helpful. Traveling, even if you can’t travel outside of your home state, try to do a staycation. Disconnect from technology. Do stuff with your hands. Put the phone down. Like all of these things help to stimulate you coming back to yourself and you listening to your inner voice and your inner creative.

TTMTHS: Thank you for highlighting the things you can do if you’re ever stuck in a creative rut. What keeps you motivated or inspired to keep producing your art? This is actually intended to what you mentioned earlier.

T.B: Yeah! I think it’s the reaction and the interaction that people have with the work. Everyone has a different perception of what the work means to them. When I’m creating, I’m creating from a vessel like place. It’s flowing through me and then when people see it, it means something different to them. Everyone has their own interpretation. So seeing how people react with my work is rewarding and seeing how they interact with it, the emotion they get from it. Because one of my goals for my art is for people to have an unspoken conversation with the work, to see themselves in the portraits, the people, or the work that I create. So having that connection with the work means a lot to me and that is what keeps me motivated to continue to create the work that I do.

TMTTHS: I can’t wait to share that piece with one of the students whose artwork is on the forefront for them. The joy he has in tapping into his artwork, very detailed for a child might I add, just thinking about your response and seeing that overall love for art in other people (myself included) will always be there no matter what, and thinking about how you showcase your art in different ways, and the various ways you present yourself and show up in your artwork. Thank you!

T.B: Of course.

TMTTHS: Speaking to eight year old Tiffany, (Laughs)

T.B: (Laughs)

TMTTHS: If you can go back and have a conversation with her, what would you tell her?

T.B: Oh my gosh. She was such an eccentric little kid. (Laughs)

TMTTHS: (Laughs)

T.B: I would tell her first of all, you’re not going to be a zoologist.

TMTTHS: (Laughs)

T.B: And you won’t work for Disney.

TMTTHS: (laughs)

T.B: But, you will create amazing art and you’ll be happier than you ever imagined despite the challenges that you encounter along the way. You know, the purity of what she wanted is still there. I still love animals. Like I can still name just about every dog breed that walks down the street.

TMTTHS: Oh wow (laughs)

T.B: And I still love Disney movies. That was accessible to me. That’s where I saw myself. Like I wanna be an artist. I wanna draw for Disney. But honestly, I think where I am and where I landed is a much better place and it’s higher and more expansive and I’m really creating work for my community.

TMTTHS: I know eight year Tiffany is very proud. (laughs)

T.B: (laughs)

T.B: I know eight year old Tiffany loved wearing lipstick so she would be happy with the adult Tiffany (laughs)

TMTTHS: (laughs) “Not the lipstick”

T.B: She can finally wear lipstick.” (laughs)

TMTTHS: (laughs) she’s like yes, we’re doing the thing we’ve always wanted to do! (laughs)

T.B: We made it (laughs)

TMTTHS: Before I come to the end of the interview, I wanna stamp the idea of why we’re here. In meeting you and other creatives, I want to continue to amplify the voices of people that look like us but, stamp this idea of intention. Listening intently to what you mentioned with how you go about practicing the different mediums you tap into and you starting your own business, and the why behind it, is allowing me to have a full circle moment of just tapping more into intention. You helped to reaffirm what this space meant for me me coming in to chat with you today. Thank you.

T.B: Thank you for having me in this space.

TMTTHS: Before we close off, how can people connect with you, buy your art?

T.B: If you’d like to commission my work or purchase art, you can access my website. My name is Tiffany Baker and my website is Tiffany-Baker.com. You can fill out the contact form on my website and get in contact with me there. My instagram name is hiccupbk. If you want to connect that way, you can DM me and I’ll get you to the right places.


Setting The Standard

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights! It feels incredible bringing another interview to you, the incredible readers who continue to make all of this possible for Takemetotheheights!!

With any interview we do here at Takemetotheheights, it’s imperative for us to continue to share the narrative of small owned businesses, but we also remember to highlight/continue to champion those who not only look like us, show understanding and show community, it’s just as important for us to showcase businesses that practice intentionality.

Being intentional/purposeful is one of the many driving forces that pushes us here at Takemetotheheights that in turn, pushes us to keep sharing these particular type of blog posts!

Let’s read on and meet another individual/(fellow business owner) who prides himself on the practice behind grooming and creating a comforting/inviting space for his clients as they walk in for barber services.

Let’s meet Troy D. Johnson, part owner of The Standard Grooming Barbershop.

Takemetotheheights: Can you tell the readers who you are?

Troy: My name is Troy D. Johnson. I’m a barber/ image enhancer, philanthropist and part owner of The Standard Grooming Barbershop with Vince Jamael. The Standard Grooming Barbershop is located In Brooklyn, New York.

TMTTHS: How/why did you get into entrepreneurship?

Troy: I got into entrepreneurship because I realized at an earlier age that it was the only way to control your life, time; and still be able to give back to my community while helping circulate the black dollar. 

TMTTHS: Can you tell the readers about The Standard Grooming Co.? 

TDJ:The Standard Grooming Co is a barbershop where Black men, women, and children can come and experience a modern shop with a great vibe enriched with old barbershop values.

We value being current with hair style trends and technology to help move our industry forward hence the name, Standard Grooming. 

TMTTHS: What sets The Standard Grooming apart from other barbershops?

Troy: For one, we are an appointment only barbershop. We value the one thing you can never get back and that is your time. We don’t do walk-ins (as we continuously honor our clients time) or shape ups (we create an environment where the experience is unforgettable for clients) We also maybe the only shop that no matter what chair you sit in, you will get an amazing haircut. (We all are nasty with the clippers 🤣) Because of that, we often cut each others’ clients hair and that has become our culture in the shop.

TDJ:We also have a pop-up street wear brand called Never Settle that Vince and I started during the pandemic. It started off being The Standard Grooming merchandise, (clothing) our clients could buy and feel proud about supporting a black owned business. We then designed one hoodie that said “Never settle”, and from that, it became its own movement and brand.

 The New York Times also did an article on The Standard Grooming during the pandemic. Not only was it a win for us, but, it also helped to push our narrative even further.

TMTTHS: Where do you see The Standard Grooming five years from now?

Troy: In 5 years, I see us (myself alongside Vince, the other owner of the Standard Grooming Co.) franchising the brand to help elevate the industry while giving our community an opportunity to be a business owner. 

TMTTHS: What advice do you have for anyone looking to go into the grooming business?

Troy: (I would say) ask your self these three questions:

  1. Would you cut hair for free?
  2. Do you enjoy making people feel good?
  3. Do you love being creative?

TMTTHS: How would you want people to feel when they walk in/leave The Standard Grooming after getting a service(s)?

Troy: I want people to feel comfortable in our space, feel amazing and fearless after your cut and inspired after your experience.

TMTTHS: How can people find The Standard Grooming?

Troy: You can find The Standard Grooming on Instagram @standardgrooming or our website at thestandardgrooming.com

TMTTHS: Any last thoughts you’d like to share about The Standard Grooming?

TDJ: The Standard Grooming was created from us wanting to do more and touch more lives in our community “Our Way”. I feel the barbershop is a pivotal piece to the black community and we take pride in representing our community (in creating) a positive way and safe space for all of us. 

What better way to end off the interview in highlighting a safe space for all of us. Be sure to visit The Standard Grooming for your barbershop/grooming needs. You can book your next appointment by visiting thestandardgrooming.com! or by visiting their respective Instagram page! Let us know when you’ll book in our replies or by sounding off in our messages by visiting Takemetotheheights on insta!

As always, stay tuned for any other interviews we’ll have here at Takemetotheheights!

With peace and love,

Editor-in Chief


Safe and Sound

During the first Sunday of January 2023, I got a chance to revisit a place that is very near and dear to my heart. Creative Square Studios BK or better known as CSSBK hosted another edition of their event, Safe House. Safe House was designed as a safe space to push forth conversations about mental health and mental health awareness.

I quickly fell in love with the concept as I reached out to Dizzy Brown (one of the co-organizers of the event), to blog about any upcoming event CSSBK was having for the New Year. I’m a firm believer of everything happening for a reason because prior to this event, I kept envisioning myself finding more events centered on intentionality.

As I walked in, that familiar feeling of stepping into CSSBK enveloped me. It felt like being back at home, as I watched/listened in on speakers addressing their own personal accounts surrounding mental health. I was immediately glad that I made the trip to come back to CSSBK.

Having blogged about their previous events like Ohhh Snap Poetry on separate occasions, it was an overwhelming feeling knowing that I was going to blog about their Safe House event. It felt good to reconnect with the owner Jeannelle and reflect on the success and growth of CSSBK.

Talking to other individuals who either helped in organizing/hosting like of @Brooklynkitchenbeast (alongside @getfiflyright on Instagram) and business owners like Helen of @thehealthplug, Shatiese of @TheQUICosmetics and Lori D. of @mauveroyale, really set forth how intentional the event was for me as I listened to their stories and share their rationale behind starting their own businesses.

Some business owners as well as speakers at the event shared their own personal stories surrounding mental health. The Safe House event at CSSBK also gave an opportunity for others to share their own stories reflecting mental health. Hearing their personal accounts made me think about what it meant to continue to amplify our voices in the best way I can.

All in all, listening to others share their personal accounts allowed me to be more reflective in my everyday life and think about the ways in which I can continue to create a safe space for others and myself surrounding our mental health.

Thank you in advance to Jeannelle for curating a safe and welcoming space for any and everyone. For those who are looking to gain more information or are looking to attend the next Safe House event at CSSBK in February, be sure to visit CSSBK’s instagram for info. Jeannelle also has information about becoming a Mental Health Aid. For those who are interested, be sure to visit the link in her bio for more.

Above all else, if you’re reading this, that means you’ve made it to the end of this blog post. Thank you for taking the time in visiting takemetotheheights.com and as always, I’ll catch you in the next one.

With peace and love,


NYFW Flashback: Club Lapel

My favorite past-time has and will always be New York Fashion Week. The array of distinguished designers showcasing their creativity always left me with an indelible mark. Watching the Club Lapel fashion show did exactly that. As I watched the illustrious pieces cascade down the runway, I couldn’t help but feel inspired. Each piece that the men wore showed just how much attention to detail, Ackeem (designer behind Club Lapel) thought about. With each of his pieces redefining the man with words of affirmations stitched in, Ackeem’s collection reaffirms and amplifies the beauty behind our Blackness.

Although this particular show was at the end of NYFW, it is the first show where I felt enamored in wanting to write about Ackeem and learn even more about his brand. With his friends and family at the show, this close knit occasion felt intimate and gave me all the more reason in wanting to learn about Club Lapel. Continue reading on to catch an interview with Ackeem and learn about what it meant for him in starting Club Lapel and capturing the essence of empowering the Black man behind his luxury pieces.

Ackeem, Designer of Club Lapel

 Takemetotheheights: Can you tell the readers who Ackeem is?
Ackeem: I am a serial entrepreneur from Brooklyn, New York. I went to Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn and studied information technology at Syracuse University where I later went to work for Dell and other smaller companies in the blockchain space. I currently own a real estate investing company and recently launch(ed) a luxury menswear brand called Club Lapel that looks to focus on dressing the mind, then the man.” 

TMTTHS: How did you get into design?

Ackeem: “Being from New York, I feel fashion is engraved in us at an early age. I’ve always felt that style and fashion is an extension of someone’s personality and (I) always wanted to design something that would bring more of one’s true self out through clothing.

TMTTHS: Why was it important for you to create Club Lapel?

Ackeem: “I felt that with Club Lapel, I can create a brand that could be a new staple household brand that did more than just focus on selling a product but crafting an inspirational brand experience that dresses the mind first, then the man.” 

TMMTHS: What’s been the most rewarding aspect of having your brand?

Ackeem: “The most rewarding aspect of having Club Lapel is being able to add a level of customization to each product that gives it its’ own personality. Most times garments in the formalwear market are your normal black, navy and grey colors which have been the foundation but it’s been rewarding to step outside the norm and create custom vibrant colors and styles.” 

TMTTHS: What’s been the most challenging?

Ackeem: “The most challenging aspect of having Club Lapel has been building the technology to accurately take each client measurements from their smartphone. As we know, technology continues to advance and we want to incorporate this component to our business to not only receive precise measurements as if a tailor took it but also being able to build 3D models so each client can see how the product looks on them prior to purchasing.” 

TMTTHS: What are you hoping for in five years time for Club Lapel? 

Ackeem: In the next five years, I am hoping to become a global brand offering a variety of custom products for men, women and kids that change the way they see themselves. I would love to be able to design multiple wedding projects as well that reshape the formalwear industry. 

TMTTHS: What has launching Club Lapel taught you?

Ackeem: Launching Club Lapel has taught me that being an entrepreneur will require more hours that you worked in a typical 9-5. It requires you to have sleepless nights and a vision that’s bigger than what others and yourself can see. It has also taught me how inspiring each person’s story is as well. 

TMTTHS: What are you manifesting for people in wearing Club Lapel? 

Ackeem: What my goal for people that wear Club Lapel is a manifestation of abundance, love and peace of mind. Studies have shown that formal wear has an affect on the way people think and see themselves and I want to be able to create a positive and growing mental space with these garments. 

TMTTHS: What’s one piece of advice you would like to share to any upcoming/full fledged designer?

Ackeem: One piece of advice I would share to any upcoming/full fledged designer is to shift their focus to not only how their design looks but how their product makes their client feel. A lot of times people may not remember all aspect of a personal, place or thing (product/service) but what they will remember is how they were left feeling after the encounter. If you can provide an overall memorable customer experience whether it be commerce or brick and mortar, you have the ability to create lifelong customers. 

TMTTHS: Any last takeaways you’d like to share with the readers? If so, what would that be?

Ackeem: To never stop believing. You would be surprised to know how many folks you are secretly inspiring just by not giving up on your dreams. 

Be sure to visit clublapel.com to shop luxury menswear.

Above all else, I’d like to take this time in thanking Ackeem in sharing more on his brand, Club Lapel with Takemetotheheights.


God Bless Those 30 Something’s

Good luck on them 30 something’s……

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! It feels incredible to be back in a space where I’m writing again; sharing with you. I do have a question though? Who recommended being an adult? My new bedtime is 9:45 ish (I try to aim for 10) This juggling act of finding that healthy balance between work, school, life and coming into my after 30s (Libra gang) as I like to call it is coupled with my knees cracking and my favorite foods no longer agreeing with me.

If you haven’t reached your 30s yet, please do me a favor and don’t take any advice from anyone. I know that may sound a bit weird but hear me out. Your 30s are simply that. This time, this age, belongs to you. Your experiences ultimately shape what this particular decade will look like. There is no cookie cutter way about it. Lately, I’ve been seeing threads on Twitter that literally try to tell you what you SHOULD do while in your 30s or before then. There is no right or wrong way about it. There’s no formula.

However, having turned 31, I reached a pinnacle in my life where I no longer have the desire of exhausting any energy to people or experiences that don’t serve my highest good. That just might be my favorite part about being in my thirties. At this point of my life, I’m only focused on continuously creating the best version of myself. The version where I continue planting the seeds that’ll lead me to success.

But there are the moments I could do without. Yet even as I begin to think about those not so great moments, I wouldn’t trade this particular age for any other. To me, this is essentially a precursor to what my forties (God willing) will look like. Physically I don’t look the same (weight gain is a lil’ different on this side 😩) but in the same regard, I’ve been maturing more and more into adulthood, physically and spiritually.

So no, there is no one way to entering your thirties. It’s all reflective on what lessons you’ll eventually learn and grow from and what you truly make of it.

All in all, don’t fear your thirties. It’s been a beautiful time and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Before I close out, I thank you for taking the time in reading this post after not posting in quite some time. It means more to me than you know. Also, don’t forget to leave me your thoughts. Let me know if you’re thinking about your thirties as well and sound off in the reply section.

With love,


Love On The Brain

Who’s still swooning over Rihanna’s baby bump?!!!😩 I know I can’t be the only one.

So there I was grabbing some lunch walking back to work when I saw the picture:

There she was with A$AP Rocky and I couldn’t help but think how adorable her bump was and just how genuinely elated she looked.

Then it got me thinking: I remember in my late teens how much I vied for the whole package in my twenties: the house, the two kids, the husband to match. But I realized as I got older, I saw how important it was that my worth and happiness set the tone for how I went about my relationships.

We’re prone to stating the obvious in what we don’t want when it comes to relationships; or love lives, yet what are we doing to ensure we truly place emphasis on the things we desire?

I’ve learned over time that being with someone shouldn’t come at the expense of your happiness. It shouldn’t have you question your values or even be a stakeholder in your mental health.

I knew coming into this post I wanted to dive deeper and stray away from what others wrote about pertaining the soon to be parents.

So no, there’s no time frame you have to reach in order to be in love and ultimately be with someone who wants to grow with you, and honor all that you are. Take the time to cultivate all of who you are. Take the time to figure out your desires. Be intentional with your needs.

And when you ideally find that person who loves you unconditionally, nothing else will matter. There won’t be any doubts nor would you find yourself sacrificing your happiness.

All in all, love can truly be patient and kind when you remember to put you first in all ways, always.

With love,


Let’s Start Over

First and foremost happy New Year to you! I truly hope everyone was able to ring in the new year safely. Aside from that, I wanted to touch on what coming into the new year meant for me. No, it didn’t necessarily mean setting goals(shocking, yes I’m aware) But I felt as though it was important to shed some light on what this new year or this season if you will could potentially mean for you.

I was able to end off 2021 reaffirming my faith in myself and rediscovering my new found sense of independence. Above all else, I was reintroduced with something I’ve put on the back burner due to my then circumstances and how I relatively felt about it (I know it’s hella ambiguous but stay with me. I’ll eventually touch base about it in due time 🙏🏾🧿)

Back then, the thought of starting over was something I couldn’t fathom. The moment I was granted the opportunity to start over, whether it be a job or even going back to school or even dating, I started questioning as to why I’d ultimately started over. I’d be wrong if I didn’t mention the countless times where the thought of starting over frightened me. It went against my better judgement. Why did the thought of starting over or attempting to do so bring up so many thoughts/worries?

And then it dawned on me: the pressures of what it “should” look like when you’re starting over was filled with an overwhelming need of reaching this so-called expectation/perception society has on someone restarting anything. Why did it matter so much to me about how other people felt about the choices I made with my life?

What I started to realize more was that it was ALWAYS okay for me or anyone at that to start over. I know those fears/doubts and even what people may say would often deter you or me at that but I remembered just how much it meant for me to go back and start all over again (and again if I needed to)

I stopped caring about those “expectations”, I stopped worrying about the what if’s. I knew deep down I owed it to myself (in more ways than you could imagine) to just do it over, no matter what it was, no matter how tiresome it was, or frustrating. I was allowing myself to hone up to what I left behind and honored every wave of emotion it came with when I gave myself the time to do it again. Only when it came back around, I moved more intentionally and allowed my deepest desires and manifestations to truly be the foundation I needed to keep pushing forward.

Before I leave this blog post, I want you to take what you will from this post but walk with the grace in knowing it isn’t ever too late to start over.

Let me know what you plan on starting over or simply starting in the replies.

As always, I’ll catch you in next one.


Let’s meet: Maya Davis of Udeen Designs!

We here at Takemetotheheights want to take this time in thanking Maya Davis for allowing us to get to know her and her brand, Udeen Designs a bit more. As part of our mission here at Takemetotheheights, we think it’s crucial to educate ourselves as well as others more about small black-owned businesses.

1. Tell the readers who you are? What is Udeen Designs? My name is Maya Davis. I am an interdisciplinary artist and the founder of Udeen Designs. Udeen Designs is an art & home lifestyle brand.

2. Why did you start? I have always been creative. Art is my very first love. Udeen Designs was born out of my need to be a more creative and ethical designer. I worked as a textile designer and noticed how much waste my industry produced. I began taking it home and making art with the recycled fabric and paper around me.

3. What are you manifesting for Udeen Designs before the year is over or overall? I am manifesting growth for Udeen Designs. Growth in network, in collectors, in sales, and opportunities to showcase my work. I would love to see a Udeen Designs & Anthropology collaboration. I feel I could express my love of art, home decor, and more in partnership with them.

4. Who would you want Udeen Designs to collaborate with?

I would love to see a Udeen Designs (and) Anthropology collaboration. I feel I could express my love of art, home decor, and more in partnership with them. I would also love to work with artist Christina Martinez. I admire her work and her journey as an artist and I believe it would be an incredible opportunity to learn and create.

5. If you could go back in time, what would you say(to yourself or your brand) or want to change?

If I could go back in time I would tell myself to call yourself what you are, an artist, and launch your brand with intention and while you’re still employed lol.

6. Any advice for any up-and-coming artists/creatives who practice your medium?

(The ) advice I would give to up-and-coming artists/ creatives would be to be patient with yourself and your process. Explore all that you can in your own time and in a way that feels good to you. It will only help with your development.

7. Where can people find your work?

People can find my work at www.udeendesigns.com & @udeendesigns on IG & FB.

Before we close out, we just wanted to note what it means for us to showcase a fellow creative. It really does wonders for us whenever we get the opportunity in learning about a creative who not only look like us but can also capture creativity that’s reminiscent of the things we’ve been exposed to or are trying to express.

Let’s continue to remember the power behind our creativity and the lives of those we can captivate through our art of storytelling.

As Maya has mentioned, be sure to check out her beautiful work by visiting her site and let’s continue to support and amplify one another.


Dirty Thirty

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com.

A few days ago marked a month since turning 30 and I am incredibly grateful for that. Y’all, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’ve gone back and forth with these edits and with what I really wanted to say due to the nature of what this particular blog post would entail.

Confused What Now GIF by Bounce

Of course before turning 30, I spoke to a few close friends of mine of what it felt like being 3o, what’s changed for them ( It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t ask -____-) I definitely got hit with responses like knees hurting, certain foods no longer being a staple so on and so forth. But I realized I wasn’t asking what I truly had in my heart:

What has turning 30 taught you? Yes I relatively feel the same. Yet my thoughts and the way I express myself more explicitly/intentionally feels different. Now before I delve any deeper, I’m gonna give y’all a bit more context. i’ve always ( and I mean always) been the type to brush off things, not really allowing external factors so to say, get the best of me. Let me tell you, if you’re like me, then I suggest you take heed to speaking up as often as you need to.

Turning 30 has truly opened my eyes to the things I’ve ignored. I no longer have the bandwidth to do so as I get older. I knew coming into this post, I didn’t want it to be the typical/cookie cutter post of do’s/don’ts approaching 30. There’s no right or wrong way to go about it. You just have to make sure that all that you do is intentional and beneficial to you and only you. (Yes, I mean you reading this) Man, if I had the power to go back and change certain things I would but I believe it all happened for me to be in this space to be so much more appreciative/grateful.

Being 30 has given me a bit more of an edge so to say to truly stand in all that I am and all that I say (coming from a Libra, this is huge..we are seldom to being indecisive -____-)

So in honor of my Dirty Thirty and all those who have (or will turn 30 ) my only advice is to really live your life. Go out and do the things you truly love to do. Make time for the person that truly matters and that’s you. You deserve all the beauty and splendor this life has to offer.

I got so wrapped up in my personal affairs that I almost lost sight of that. I am truly thankful I am in the space that I can continue to prioritize myself, my needs and all of that I desire and then some.

So before I end off this blog post, I just want to stress just how significant it was to write this to you, the readers. As I delve a bit deeper, be a bit more transparent with you, I knew I needed to showcase just what turning 30 meant for me. If you’re embarking your 30s or have already done so, let me know in the comments down below.

Above all else, if you made it all the way here, you are truly appreciated. Please be sure to follow takemetotheheights on all of is its respective social media pages and as always….

With peace and so much love,

Magnolia “Nolia”

Redemption Song

“Life is but a dream that you manifested slowly.” (Victoria Monet- Moment)

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! Round of applause for an all-new blog post! Before I even kick things off, let me just note that I’m a Libra so no Libra slander will be tolerated lol. But all jokes aside, it brings me joy in knowing I am back with another blog post.

blues clues hello GIF
Because the only Steve my generation acknowledges is this one -_____-

With any new month, it’s become a ritual of mine where I have to address the theme or at least what’s been pressing on my mind since the start of October: There’s been an overwhelming feeling of redemption. That feeling of starting over but essentially being more intentional about it. Depending on whether or not this holds true to you (I hope it does) that feeling of essentially wanting to do things contingent upon how you see fit has been reminded in the people I talk to on a day-to-day basis.

No longer falling victim to our fears but really pressing the envelope and being more purposeful about all that we want to do, has been coming to mind more and more (let me know if you’ve been feeling the same) I mention redemption and being intentional because for me personally, in those moments where I know, wholeheartedly and spiritually where things naturally fall into place is simply because I am in the space where I am on the receiving end of it all.

Let me backtrack a bit. If you’ve ever had those moments where situations revisit you like a goal you wanted to achieve or even moving back to a particular area that holds a deep resonance with you, I truly feel as though that’s the universe’s way of letting you know it’s your time. It’s your time to not only accept all that you’ve been desiring but also a reminder in letting you know this is your season.

With that being said, I truly hope everyone has been taking the necessary steps in not only stepping fully into all of who they are but also being intentional in how you go about navigating your personal journeys. Yes, I’m fully aware of the minor setbacks that come along the way. Those same setbacks often times try to blurry your vision. But do know those minor setbacks are truly minor so please don’t find yourself getting caught up in them(please take my word for it -____-)

All in all, I hope everyone has been taking more purposeful steps coming into October. I hope you either become more intentional in your practices in however you’re achieving your goals or manifesting your hearts’ desires. Remember to stay present throughout it and above all else, you got this!

If you’ve made it thus far, I truly appreciate you for taking the time in reading today’s post. Be sure to follow Takemetotheheights on their respective social media pages down below, and as always…….

With peace and love,

Magnolia “Nolia”


What am I afraid of?

Welcome back to another installment of Takemetotheheights.com! We appreciate you for choosing to read this blog post!!!

Beyoncé is always a mood 😩

Before we even start, we truly hope everyone has been doing well. Let us know in our replies how you’ve been! Aside from that, we’d be wrong if we didn’t mention how exhausted we’ve been feeling. For those of you who are back in the classroom teaching, know that we are right there with you with those same sentiments.

Despite that, we’d be wrong not to close out this month with a blog post for this month. Who else is feeling as if this month just came and left? It was literally just Labor Day 😩

Aside from that, we truly hope you’ve been tapping into your manifestations and applying all the necessary pressure required to see those dreams become a reality.

But, I realized in order to do so, we were reminded to stay faithful to ourselves no matter what may come along the way. (The trials and tribulations of life, our individual stressors, those negative thoughts that like to tell you otherwise etc….the list is getting long y’all!) I too saw how easy it is to allow ourselves to remain complacent in our spaces especially in our comfort zones.

Baby, let me tell you. Our comfort zones are truly the ones that make it okay for us to stay stagnant. I think you should read that line again. When we refuse to step out of that familiar, comfortable space, we stunt our own growth and essentially prevent ourselves from ascending to our highest good. Whew! Don’t you want to become the best version of yourself?

Wouldn’t you like to see yourself grabbing hold of all that’s meant for you? Let’s not hold ourselves back especially when we are going after all that we desire and deserve. Let’s step fully out (and I mean all the way out) of our comfort zones. How else would we know what we truly need for our personal development?

In order for anyone to truly manifest, you have to be willing to let go. Flip that I can’t to I can. Turn that I won’t to I will. Challenge those negative thoughts that like to come in without warning. Fully embrace that new way of thinking and in turn, it’ll change your language and your actions will reflect that. It’s never easy trust me I know, but you have to be willing to let go of the old you to embrace the new you.

Before I close off on this blog post, I just want to say how much it means to me to be back with another blog post for you! Let me know your thoughts in our reply section. Let me know what you’ve been manifesting and how you’ve been working towards it. Have you stepped out of your comfort zone? What does it feel like?

If you’ve made it to the bottom, I thank you for reading this blog post. It means more to me than you’ll ever know! Be sure to follow Takemetotheheights and Nolia on all of the respective social media platforms!

With peace and so much love,


All or Nothing

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! Thank you for taking the time in checking out tonight’s blog post! 

See Ya Hello GIF by H.E.R.

Let’s jump right into it. We have entered our last lap of summer (😢).   Although I can do without the heatwave we’ve experienced these last few days,

Heat Heatwave GIF by Amber Mark

I will say this is the most motivated I felt in such a long time (thank you God!) (I’ll get into that more in another post🙏🏾🧿)

I do however, want to talk about those moments of feeling flustered. I caught myself feeling that way after work (glad I was able to record that) Upon realizing that, I was reminded to stay present, and to essentially take it a day at a time. We often times get wrapped up in what we should’ve, could’ve, would’ve done, and what our peers are accomplishing; all the while not celebrating all that we are. It’s never a race to the finish line. It’s ultimately about what you are doing to achieve your desired goals, how well you are taking care of yourself while achieving your aspirations and knowing that your journeys are essentially YOUR JOURNEYS (and that’s on Mary Had a Little Lamb). 

Aside from that, last month was my reminder to keep pushing through (but remembering to give myself the necessary breaks) Giving myself the leg room to step outside of my comfort zone (through my creative endeavors🙏🏾🧿) and staying committed  to my craft, has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. Being able to tap into myself creatively has truly been an eye opening experience. (Y’all I can’t wait to delve a little deeper into this 🙏🏾🧿)

But before I close off tonight’s blog post, let me be your reminder to keep betting on yourself. Be your biggest cheerleader. Know that you are doing all that you can and take all of the (necessary) risks you need to. The greatest thing we can do for ourselves is to step into unfamiliar territories. Doing so, will foster our growth and push us to reach our full potential. So take that plunge and know that what’s meant for you is meant for you.  

Above all else, I thank you for taking the necessary time in reading today’s post. It means the world to me and then some. Please be sure to read all of our most recent blog posts. Follow us on our respective social media pages and we’ll catch you in the next one!

With peace and so much love,


Reclaiming My Time

Welcome back to another blog post brought to you by the folks over at Takemetotheheights.com!

Y’all I’ve been feeling extremely motivated and inspired! We thank God!

But coming into this particular blog post, I want to talk about a time where I didn’t feel that way.I remember the many times I wanted to pull the plug on this site 😩 During those moments I wasn’t pouring into myself or my craft and it showed in how I spoke about myself and my then plans.

I realized now, a lot of my circumstances played a huge role in how I operated in my day to day life. That moment of losing a job, sacrificing so much of my time at my then position, to then coping through it all was overwhelming for me.

Despite that, I’ve always had this fire within myself to keep going. It didn’t matter what was going on, or what I lost back then. It then became what I was gaining, what I was making room for and all the beauty that would essentially come into my life.

I honestly thank God for those pitfalls. Those lessons and hardships turned into blessings. Now don’t get me wrong I had my moments where I questioned otherwise but my faith was and still is unshakeable which I am wholeheartedly thankful for.

I guess this blog post is a reminder to anyone who’s feeling low or defeated. For anyone questioning their current circumstances I’m here to tell you to keep going. We often times get so wrapped up in our pitfalls that we lose sight on the blessings that are on the other side. I am a firm believer of things happening for a reason. Please don’t allow that termination, breakup or any hardship determine your next step or lack their of.

You deserve all that you are striving for and manifesting. Just please remember to give yourself grace through it all.

Before I end this particular blog post, here’s a quote that has stayed with me since middle school: “Limits are only limits if you choose to be bound by them.” In other words, don’t allow those challenges to get you down. Keep moving forward and shake the room while you still can.

As always, if you made it all the way to the end of this post, I thank you for taking the time in reading this post. It means the world to me and then some. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out our other blog posts, and we’ll catch you in the next one!

With peace and so much love,


Guess Who’s Back?

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com!

After taking off some much needed time, it feels so good to say hey y’all. I’ve missed writing soooooooooooo much. I’ll eventually get into why it’s taken me so long to tap back in. For starters, I can’t believe it’s already July.

I will say taking the necessary time to regroup and recalibrate, really allowed me to zero in on my needs for a change. I applied the ultimate pressure on all that I desired and I can proudly say I am beginning to see all that I’ve manifested thus far come to fruition (we thank God!)

With this particular new phase of my life, I humbly believe all that I desire is within my reach. I just have to continue to put in the groundwork and allow my work to do all the talking for a change.

Aside from that, I truly hope everyone has been doing well. I hope you have been taking the necessary steps to reach your goal(s) and taking care of yourselves throughout it all. I know attaining dreams/desires is not for the faint of heart. Yet I do know it’s attainable once you’ve fully stepped into all of who you are and not be afraid of harnessing that power you possess.

So go after that new position you’ve been eyeing, start that new business you’ve been putting off ; go ask out your crush (I know you’ve been thinking about it) I am here to tell you grab ahold of all the opportunities life presents you with. Go in with the mentality that it’s already yours. The world is your oyster and it’s yours for the taking. There’s no time to be shy now!

Before I close of on tonight’s post, I do want to thank those who have taken the time in reading this piece as well as any other blog post here on Takemetotheheights.com. It truly means the world to me! Being able to be back in this space to write again and share with you has truly been the best feeling in the world for me!

Thank you for sticking around with me here at Takemetotheheights.com and I’ll catch you in the next post!

With peace and so much love,


Pyer Moss Couture 1- Let’s Honor Black Excellence

I am without a doubt still moved by Pyer Moss’s Couture show from this past Saturday. Being the first African American to showcase at Paris Haute Couture Week, Kerby Jean-Raymond (founder and creative director of Pyer Moss) held his show outside the historic Villa Lewaro Mansion. Jean-Raymond’s highly anticipated show was filled with models dressed in pieces that reminded us of objects made by prominent Black inventors. The estate alone where Pyer Moss designer held his show once belonged to Madame CJ Walker. Walker became the first Black female millionaire all by building a beauty empire from a hair care product for Black women.

The show kicked off with Elaine Brown, former Black Panther Party chairwoman. She stressed the significance of Blackness and the undeniable power we have. The show also featured Brooklyn rapper, 22Gz.

Down below, you’ll find a few pictures of Jean-Raymond’s couture pieces referencing inventions like the super soaker (invented by Lonnie Johnson) the air conditioner (invented by Frederick Jones) the three light traffic light (invented by Garrett Morgan) the lamp shade reminiscent of the light bulb (invented by Lewis Howard Latimer) the refrigerator (invented by Frederick McKinley Jones) along with the cellphone (invented by Henry T. Sampson)

But with all of these amazing inventions, the designer promoted the question: “who invented Black trauma?

Having writing this particular piece, I am reminded of not only these significant inventions made by these prominent Black figures but also made me research and want to learn so much about these individuals and many others who have greatly contributed to the world.

It further made me realize how invaluable our skills are and how truly important it is to tap into those skill sets and celebrate all of our counterparts who tap into these skills.


The Return

Welcome back to a long and I mean long awaited blog post here at Takemetotheheights.com!

Welcome Back GIF by memecandy

I am BEYOND elated to be back in a space to write. Before I delve any deeper into tonight’s blog post, I hope everyone has been able to kick off their New Year on a positive note. 2020 was definitely and will always be that eye opening year for a lot of us.

So here we are back again after a much needed hiatus. Like many individuals, I started to feel the ebbs and flows of being unemployed. Yup, your girl was unemployed for a hot lil minute(I’ll delve deeper into this at another time) 

season 2 kelli GIF by Insecure on HBO

I felt inadequate due to my lack of funds and thus it resulted in me not having the desire to write or be creative. I was devastatingly broke and felt incredibly embarrassed about it. Despite what I lacked at the time, it forced me to really be present and focus on the things and especially on someone that I haven’t been able to because of my then exhausting/not so great position(I’m so tempted to write a book about it😩)

I finally had time to focus on myself. I rediscovered my likes and dislikes and what really moves and drives me. I was at a place in my life I hadn’t been in a long time. Taking time to really delve deeper into myself forced me to reflect on what my happiness should look like. I spent so much time focusing on others. The moment I no longer needed to felt strange initially, yet I realized how much I needed to redefine myself and tap into me more.

It also forced me to realize that no job, person or circumstance should define my happiness and all of who I am. Let me repeat for the people who think otherwise:

No job, person or circumstance should define my happiness and all of who I am.

you know what that is growth GIF by Insecure on HBO

I was easily replaceable at my previous position and the moment that became a reality, I was flooded with so many emotions. Of course I worried as anyone would’ve in that situation, yet there was this overwhelming happiness that surrounded me. I no longer felt bombarded by my then workload. I honestly felt free.

I say all of that and then some to let you know that your happiness should never ( and I mean never) be defined by things, people or even jobs or lack there of. Being in the space I was, while unemployed really pushed me to look inward. We sacrifice so much of time and overall well being. We then lose sight of ourselves through it all.

Although it took me quite some time to get to this point, I am eternally grateful to have gone through those experiences. Through the good, bad and ugly (ugly cries and all) I no longer found myself sacrificing my happiness. I was finally at the forefront of steering my ship towards all that things that truly meant so much to me and then some. I knew it would only go up from there.

Before I end this blog post, I just want to reiterate the significance of truly finding your happiness. Not letting anything or anyone define that for you forces you to acknowledge what your worth and value is.

Aside from that, I also want to take the time in thanking those who continue to check out takemetotheheights.com. Even during my absence, I saw that many of you continued to check out my posts and it honestly means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Please stay tuned for all that’s in store and I will catch you in the next blog post.

With peace and so much love,


Onward and Upward

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! Before I delve deeper into this blog post, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am to be back to bring you another blog post! Y’all, I won’t even lie, I’ve gone back and forth about this particular blog post (grabs tissue)

nervous fresh prince of bel air GIF by Nick At Nite

Leaving September and feeling the uneasiness of the unknown (2020 in a nutshell) left my thoughts in overdrive. BRUH….I could do without it. The nights of being up into the wee hours of the morning….I felt as though the heaviness detered me at times from taking the next step towards my goals. I know I’m not the only one who has those nail biting moments. You know, those moments that just seem to loom over your head and casts a dark rain cloud.

Yet, even in those moments of all the overthinking, I can’t help but think how much more okay I felt with the idea of fully immersing myself into all that I’ve envisioned (I’ll eventually address this.)

With that being said, I am beyond elated to not only have kicked off October in full determination mode, but it’s officially my favorite time of the year. If you’re new here, this is the time where I am the most reflective as I await my birthday 🙏🏾🧿

This particular year has been filled with uncertainty and loss. Without a doubt, this year has been the biggest learning curve for me thus far. There were the the times (more times than I could count) where like many people, I also cancelled 2020. Having experienced the literal act of starting over in different aspects of my life (I could write a book on this y’all 😩) and relying on my faith and fully trusting myself throughout the process (and staying disciplined) has been challenging to say the least.

Aside from that, I am praying that October (and the months coming ahead) continue to open up more doors towards prosperity, more opportunities in tapping into my creativity, but above all else, relishing into my happiness no matter the circumstances. This year hasn’t been the easiest yet I walk in faith knowing that things will work out, no matter the challenges.

Before I close out, I just wanted to note that although this particular year hasn’t been what many of us were anticipating, I know deep down, this year will leave an indelible impression on us all. Let’s make the most of this last quarter by embarking on things/opportunities we never thought would be possible. Let’s challenge our views on what we thought wasn’t within our reach. Above all else, let’s continue to put one foot forward, keep our heads held high, honor whatever emotions we may feel along the way and keep going.

Let me know in the reply section what this last quarter means to you? What are your plans for the remainder of October? and what are you hoping to acheive this month or in the coming months?

If you made it towards the end, I thank you for reading this week’s blog post! I’ll catch you in the next one!



Let’s Try this Again

“Doubting’s only made your vision blurry.” (Sza)

Hey and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com. 

Coming into September, I honestly felt lackluster; pretty unmotivated. I knew deep down it stemmed from some personal fears I had as I continued to move forward in this new endeavor ( I will share more about this very soon 🙏🏾🧿)

These new prospects (my apologies in advance for how cryptic and ambiguous it sounds) left me feeling nervous. Yet, I found myself thinking back to a time when those feelings were all too familiar for me: Cues quick story time.

Prior to starting undergrad, I remember those same nervous feelings I had consequently due to me stepping into something that was for the most part unfamiliar. I remember feeling as if I didn’t have anyone who understood those woes per say(first generation college grads please rise) the weight of the pressure I put on myself was unimaginable.

Those same feelings sprang up once more when I tapped into unfamiliar territories yet again at the start of me entering a new space in my educational career. It happened once again when I dropped my first batch of merch for Takemetotheheights.com last year.

Despite those ever present familiar feelings and entering a state of uncertainty, I’m constantly reminded of how successful it turned out to be no matter the challenges that came along the way; how I chose to remain faithful and consistent in whatever I tapped into.

I’m saying all of this and then some as a reminder to myself and all those who frequent Takemetotheheights.com, and to essentially say: “keep going.” Easier said then done, trust me I get it. Yet, if it weren’t for those words my father kept drilling into my mind, I don’t even think I’d be writing this blog post to you right now. (Shout outs to the old man!) But in all seriousness, we are often reminded of the things that we haven’t done, want to do, or even wish we could do but never celebrate the things/moments we’ve achieved.

As we course through September, no matter what may come, let’s challenge our thoughts and the moment the negative starts to float into our minds. Let’s tap into what we are currently doing at the moment. Honor whatever feelings you may have but above all else acknowledge what you are doing (mindful meditation for the win!)

Relaxed Yoga GIF by Hannah Bronfman
Release all the negative and embrace all of the positive. Remain present no matter the circumstances.

Being present has allowed me to surrender and ultimately let go the things/negative thoughts that have no place in my heart or spirit (Gem alert!) Thus, it has enabled me to further embrace all the splendor and joy that is awaiting me but also pushes me to dig deeper into aligment (I’ll save that for another post! 🙏🏾🧿)

All in all, coming into this particular blog post, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to navigate through my thoughts and share with you after some time has past, yet I knew it was time to dig a little deeper and ultimately share with you here at Takemeotheheights.com what’s been on my mind these last few weeks. My hope for you with this post is it resonates with you in some way shape or form but above all else, serves as a reminder to ultimately and truly remain present and give yourself grace through it all no matter the circumstances.

Before I end today’s post, let me know what September has taught you so far, what lesson(s) have played a role for you coming into September and or what are you hoping to gain from this month?

Be sure to leave me your replies in the reply section. As always, thank you for checking out today’s post and stick around for more Takemetotheheights.com!


Nailed It!

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to check out our intro blog post all about nailsbe sure to do so, then head on back to this post to read on more!

Aside from that, we are back to give you more all things nail related.

This time around, we figured it was best to showcase a few nail techs that were recommended to us via our Instagram page (be sure to follow and be part of the Heights Tribe!) and/or those that felt compelled to share their stories as nail techs in this ever-growing field. Coming into this particular post, we didn’t want to give you a quick overview of talented nail techs. We ultimately wanted to showcase these particular nail techs/artists’ client work and delve a little deeper and give you, the readers, an opportunity to get to know them a little better.

So long and behold, we present: Nailed It! here Takemetotheheights.com. In this blog post, we decided to ask these nail techs a few questions each respectfully about their techniques/businesses, how they navigated through COVID-19 and more. Let’s read on more and meet one of the nail techs.

Let’s meet: Cephanie of Clawed by Ceph!

333F0798-F36C-41FE-8C12-A694A777FCB0My name is Cephanie and I am 19. Instead of going to college, last fall I took the year off so that I could go to beauty school. As a new nail technician, I (was) determined to make the cosmetic industry more diverse.”

Ever since I was young, I’ve only seen predominantly Asian owned nail salons and predominantly Asian and white-owned beauty supply stores. (My hope is) to one day open a Black-owned nail salon and a contributing beauty supply store in my hometown. From there, I want to open several salons in low and high-income areas.

Clawdxceph is a nail cosmetics business that specializes in an acrylic overlay. 

IMG_4390Upon the arrival of COVID-19, the global pandemic did not impact my business as severely as I thought it would.
I began doing nails in February 2020. We didn’t really see the effects of the pandemic until quarantine measures were taken in late March.
Before businesses were shut down, I (grew) a small clientele. However, my clientele wasn’t big enough where I suffered dramatically from the lack of work. There was a period during quarantine (where) I was unable to do nails.
When I was finally able to promote myself again, the level of support I received was very unexpected. Within months (of me) doing nails, my clientele (grew) considerably.
(Aside from my supportive clientele) I consider myself to be well educated on nail care and nail anatomy. My methods ensure proper nail health and nail maintenance. I start off by asking every single one of my clients to wash their hands. After that is done, we proceed to remove the nail’s natural shine, any excess cuticle, and hangnails, and then prepping the surface with a dehydrator and a nail primer. Next, is applying false tips and then acrylic application. Last but not least is shaping, filing, and finishing touches. All of my clients also get a complimentary hand massage, which not many nail technicians offer.
I developed my artistry for about 5 months. Although I was unable to do nails for (about a few months) due to COVID-19, I devoted my time to learn more without being hands-on. Quarantine gave me time to further educate myself.
Despite (my beauty school’s closure) I was and still am only able to do online schoolwork. My education was no longer hands-on.
Instead, it consisted of textbook learning, reading, and taking online assessments about cosmetology. I took these past several months as an opportunity to really educate myself about nail care.
While I was doing my online work, I was also watching YouTube videos (dedicated to nail techniques and education)
Until I was able to secure a mannequin hand and more nails supplies, I was (consistently)  watching nail videos. I was watching (nail techs) work and (keeping) mental notes on what I needed to do to (enhance my nail techniques and artistry)
(Above all else) my advice to those who want to become a nail tech is to practice and trust yourself. Creativity is unlimited. You can do anything you put your mind to. Five months ago, I did not think I would have 1,000 followers (on Instagram) Five months ago, I did not think I would (receive this) much support.
One thing I’ve learned is before you can get any of that support, you need to support yourself. Another useful piece of advice is to work in secrecy. Educate and build your craft first. You shouldn’t be too quick to show off your work until you are 100% sure that this is what you want to do. You shouldn’t be too quick to charge people either. Make sure your work looks presentable, otherwise your client might react negatively. One negative experience could jeopardize your entire image.

Thank you Cephanie for sharing your insights all things nail tech/artistry related.

 For any future clients looking to book Cephanie, click here: https://clawdbyceph.as.me/

Stay tuned to the next nail tech as we close out our nail tech series here at Takemetotheheights.com!


Nailed it again!

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! 

As mentioned in our previous post (Nailed It), we have returned with our final talented nail tech who has been in this industry for three years. Upon receiving this recommedation from another follower on our Instagram page, we instantly had to follow-up and gain more insight about this noteworthy nail tech. Let’s keep reading and discover more about Amara!

Let’s Meet: Amara of Nailed it by Amara!

IMG_0012 2 Nailed it by Amara was created when I one day decided that I wanted to follow my almost life long dream of doing nails, while also giving amazing customer service because it was something I wasn’t used to experiencing when I went to the nail salon.

As a child, my mother had the quintessential 90’s girl super long nails. The (nails) curved, and they were all hers. We went to the nail salon every 2 weeks like clockwork for a fill-in. (From there) that’s (where) I found my love for nails. I was 6 years old when I told my mother that I would own a nail salon. It took me a while to commit to the dream. But I’m here now.

Nailed It By Amara is my small little escape from reality where I get to attempt perfection on tiny canvases the same way I grew up watching it be done for my mother at the nail salon. 

IMG_4367(With) COVID-19, (it) made me change the ways in which I think as far as owning my own business. It made me figure out a way to express myself and make money, all while quarantined in the house.

(As a result of quarantine measures) I decided to make press on nails. I could do nails without ever having to touch a single client and I could make money while doing it. I had quite a bit of orders (to fulfill) and it most definitely helped me keep my sanity as well as stay afloat. 

(With regard to specialization) it’s weird to say that I specialize in something because in my eyes I never feel like I perfected something. But,  I specialize in acrylic nail enhancements as well as gel polish and enhancements. 

Interestingly enough, I’m just getting comfortable with considering myself as an artist. But I feel that I developed my artistry thanks to the good ‘ole YouTube University and Instagram. I often search for things that I want to try and watch tons of videos and tutorials on how to achieve the look, and then I go sit at my nail table for hours and recreate until I like the finished product.

IMG_4365I’ve attended a few classes that have helped me learn more as a nail technician. But I must honestly say that my clients play a huge role in my development. They more often than not will show me something that they want to do that I’ve never done, and we’ll keep trying until we get it right. Many of the things that they’ve brought to me to recreate or to achieve have been things that I’ve been able to add to my arsenal of nail techniques. 

I started doing my own nails for fun and taking it seriously in 2016. I became a licensed nail technician in 2017, and I’ve been fully submerged in all things nails since then. 


(As far as advice goes) my one piece of advice that I have for anyone just starting out is do not underestimate how much of an undertaking doing nails actually is. We tend to watch people do a job for so long, to the point that we think it’s no big deal and that we can easily do what they’ve trained themselves to do overtime.

This leads to new nail techs getting discouraged when they try to recreate a look and it doesn’t come out as perfect as the original art. It’s okay. This job isn’t easy, and you most likely won’t be perfect on the first try. Don’t let that stop you. 

For future clients looking to achieve any of these nail looks and then some be sure to visit Amara’s website: NaileditbyAmara.com and book your appointment.




Sunday Vibes

Hey and welcome back to takemetotheheights.com!!!!

Feels incredibly amazing to be back to give you another blog post. Coming into the last week of July, (let’s keep in mind that we’ve also entered the MIDDLE OF 2020, activate Mr. Krabs Meme)

confused mr krabs GIFIt’s been quite the whirlwind, to say the least. Despite all that has occurred and keeps surprising us, I humbly believe in the power behind what this particular year has meant. For me, it FINALLY meant (the struggle has been real for your girl at times) to not only honor the space I’m in but heavily step into all that I am and all that I will be. 

I remember in the past where I used to yearn for time to be able to truly tap into all that I enjoy doing. Although we can do without the current circumstances of COVID-19, (please continue to practice social distancing and wear your mask.) I honestly have a deeper appreciation for the things I once took for granted. 

I can recall back to last year in the moments where I felt extremely tired from my day-to-day; not having the desire to do much of anything but just sleep after commuting home from work.

Now, the time spent in basking in my relaxation, my personal journey (I’ll eventually get to that) really honing in the time in talking to my loved ones has taught me a valuable lesson throughout all of this: “no matter what may be going on, continue to honor yourself in all of your glory and pour into yourself in all that you are and all that you are striving to become.”

Aside from that, (and this sizzling summer we’ve been experiencing -____-) I wanted to also check-in and see how you’ve been doing. Yes, you reading this blog post. I truly meant what I said in my last post where I hope we’ve all been taking the necessary energy (heavy on the ENERGY) to pour into our own cups and take care of our well- being. I won’t lie and say I didn’t succumb to the woes of being glued to my phone (more now than ever, Instagram and Facebook on heavy rotation) and not taking the necessary space to UNPLUG and unwind.

I unplugged for a bit coming into that last Sunday of July and I am eternally grateful that I was able to do so. My unplugging this time around involved me heading to the park submerging myself into nature’s splendor. The moment my feet touched the grass and felt that cool sensation, I literally felt like I was in heaven.

Coming into that last Sunday, I vowed to continue to not only pouring into myself (glass is ALWAYS full!) but striving to make it a conscientious habit of mine moving forward. Sundays reminder to myself into placing a deeper and richer priority to my well-being is my way of letting you know to continue to do the same for yourselves no matter what the circumstances.

As we course towards the end of the month, let’s be more congnizant of how we are practing self-care and what that ideally looks like for us. Is it beneficial to your well-being? Does it bring you joy? What other feelings come up as you tap deeply into your self-care practices?

Above all else, let’s allow July to bring us more joy as we prepare for August. Let me know in the reply section what your self-care practices look like and what you’re looking forward to in August.

Until next blog post,

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Rise up in June

Before I even begin tonight’s blog post, let me just say: “Hola. What’s up?”

It’s been a while since my last post here at Takemetotheheights.com.

Before I jump into what tonight’s post is all about, It would be a disservice to myself and to the readers if I did’nt address what’s been on my heart/mind coming into June with all that’s been going on. With the most recent case revolving Elijah McClain, the protests circulating the murder of George Floyd and the countless other Black lives taken by law enforcement, it was imperative to shine a light to those who are no longer here.

I felt that it was best to say that we must continue to embrace life and the glory that lies behind it. Coming into June, I found myself using different ways to express my thoughts/feelings about all that has been going on. However, an experience where I shared my thoughts made me reaffirm the significance with just how empowering it felt to truly amplify my voice.

Tonight’s particular post is dedicated to Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Elijah McClain, and the countless other Black lives that have been taken. I almost had no desire to share yet I knew it was best for me to keep pushing through. Granted it has been an overwhelmng experience witnessing the lives lost on full display on the news but channeling the way in which I needed to close out this month was all the more reason for me to truly express my thoughts.

Black Lives Matter Fist GIF by sofianewhoknocks

With that being said, I have decided to put a pause on how often I am writing out these blog posts and will reach out to other outlets to effectively use my voice and support other brands who not only look like me but truly strive for change. In the coming weeks, there will be changes made to the site as I continue to revamp/rework a few backend things.

But before I close out tonight’s blog post, I just want to stress the significance of how divine we truly are and although we face trials and tribulations, we are undeniably filled with a magic that is inpenetrable. 

  • Love on one another as much as you can and truly cherish each other.
  • Know that you are doing all that you can and then some regardless of what your medium of expression is.
  • When it gets too overwhelming from the news/any other media outlet and or social media, unplug and take care of yourself/each other in the healthiest way possible.

If this particular post resonated with you in any way shape or form, please leave me your replies. 

With peace and an infinite amount of love,

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New Leaf

Hey and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com.

Welcome Back GIF by memecandy

First, I’d like to take this time to acknowledge all the moms, expectant mothers, and all those who play mom in the lives of their loved ones. Yesterday’s Mother’s Day was indeed different with regard to quarantine living, but I truly hope all those that were able to celebrate were granted the opportunity to do so.

Coming into 2020 Mother’s Day, I won’t lie I was feeling a little overwhelmed. The first order of business, I took some time away from social media. I spent the vast majority of Mother’s Day creating and remaining peaceful but also allowing myself the space to express any emotion I needed to. I didn’t feel pressured to make a post about it as I knew I was going to spend that day reflecting.

I thought about all of the beautiful memories I was able to create with my mother. I couldn’t help but also think about those who spent their Mother’s Day without their loved ones. So I decided to turn today’s blog post into a dedication post/how to cope without a loved one while quarantined.

Now I will note it wasn’t easy for me to step away from my phone for a bit (quarantine living new norm) but I knew, in the end, it will make me feel all the better about that particular holiday.

And so, I’ve thought about 4 ways to use coping mechanisms while quarantined

(There are others but for the sake of the current climate in practicing social distancing, these will suffice)

  1. Reach out to a close friend/loved one. Sharing your thoughts and ultimately connecting with someone will give you the space to feel heard.

  2. Create new memories/recount old memories. As a creative, I find solace in producing art. Whenever I have the space to do so, it feels like a literal weight is off of my shoulders.

  3. Take into account how you’re feeling. Journal any thought/emotion you’re feeling and or showcasing.

  4. Utilize resources like counseling or therapy. There are many licensed professionals who are offering cost-effective services virtually. Pyschology.com is one online resource that offers a listing of these professionals.

There are hundreds of other ways but with our new “norm” and practicing social distancing, I compiled a list of the safest/healthiest ways to cope while quarantine living.

Let me know how did you go about celebrating your loved one while quarantined? Is there a healthy coping mechanism that you utilize not listed above? If so, let me know in the replies.

As always, thank you for taking the time in checking out today’s post. It means more to me than you’ll ever know!

Until the next blog post,

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My May

Hey y’all and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! As we approach the last day of April(yes I finally printed a calendar, so my concept of time is back!) I wanted to check-in with the readers and ask, how are you?

Happy How Are You GIF by YouTube

As of lately, I’ve been feeling rather optimistic and overall hopeful. I’ve been allowing myself the opportunity to just remaining present all the while savoring the time I have now to truly pour into myself. I spent months beforehand pouring into a job, people, and their opinions all the while I kept putting things on the back burner.bet GIF by Black Girls Rock

Now, look at this growth!

Coming into April (after I gave myself the permission to feel any and every wave of emotion from March) I was ready to fully take on all that I wanted and really be on my Megan The Stallion mood (I know I’m not the only one who has listened to the remix)Megan Thee Stallion GIF by Moneybagg Yo

So with that being said, I’ve decided to title this blog post-“My May”. For anyone looking to set new intentions, start a new project, collaborate with a brand, or even relish in this time we have, I want you to look at May and say “My May.” Let this month be the start of all that we will accomplish all the while honoring how we feel.

Whichever course you decide to take for “My May”  is OKAY. Don’t feel pressured to produce something simply because of what or who you follow on your socials. Be present in the now and really soak in the time we have.

Above all else, I’m reaffirming May to be the month of us fulfilling all of our personal goals, stepping out of our comfort zone (for me it’s been recording more), and remaining faithful in my creative endeavors.

Let me know what your intentions are coming into May?. What has April taught you moving forward?

Before I end tonight’s post, I just want to take this time in thanking all of the essential workers that have been working on the front lines, as well as all of my fellow educators who have been going above and beyond for their students. Parents, thank you for continuing to push through this difficult time as you continue to wear many hats and still put on a brave face for your loved ones. Lastly, I just want to note how proud I am of the students doing their due diligence in heading into their Zoom classrooms or even completing their assignments. You are all amazing and I am incredibly proud of you.

Let’s continue to practice safe and healthy measures as we enter a new month during unprecedented times.

As always peace, love and I hope to catch you in the next blog post,

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April’s Intro

Hey and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! Round of applause to another blog post and say it with me C O N S I S T E N C Y. The Lordt only knows how much I needed to come back and give you guys yet another blog post.

But before I move any further, how are you guys? I truly hope you’re doing well. Although these current circumstances are not ideal, I pray that you can find solace during these times. As for me, I’ve been very reflective and hopeful coming into April.

This time around, I’m focusing today’s post on welcoming April with open arms and remaining optimistic. I know we’ve entered day 133 (I’m exaggerating I know but it feels like it’s been this long) of being quarantined, but coming into April, I didn’t feel indifferent. I more so felt positive about entering a new chapter. Starting anew gives me the ability to set new intentions for the remainder of the month. With that being said, I have a few things up my sleeve for April so please stay tuned.

Now back to quarantine living. Although I’ve utilized most of my time catching pretty much everyone’s Instagram live, I told myself coming into April I will devote more time to scheduling my content for Takemetotheheights.com. Bruh am I glad that I FINALLY got the chance to do so. I got a little worried that I would have difficulties in doing so, but before I knew it, I had so many ideas that I needed to flesh out for new content.

But aside from that, let’s all just allow this new month to be indicative of all the amazing things that await us. I challenge the readers to also take this time in setting new intentions to keep the momentum going. Whether it be that project that you’ve been putting off or that book that you have yet to finish (I have a few I want to finish as well) take the time in reaching that finish line once and for all.

  Work From Home GIF by Social NationAbove all else, I hope you guys are continuing to take the necessary safety precautions in remaining safe and healthy. Also, as mentioned in the previous blog post, Quarantine and Chill, stay home if you do not need to be outside. Before I end tonight’s post, I just want to say thank you to those who have checked out all of the recent blog posts here at Takemetotheheights.com! Be sure to follow everything Heights related on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.



Until the next post,




Quarantine and Chill

Hey and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com! Yes, I’m back again with another blog post.

music video dancing GIF

It’s officially Day 7 of being quarantined (I think). It honestly feels like day 111. How has everyone been doing? I hope you all are okay. Me, I’ve been spending the majority of my time indoors writing/doing things to keep me entertained.

Tonight’s blog post is all about what you can do during this time. Before I even begin, I just want to note that I know these are very sensitive times and I truly hope we are staying indoors and following the necessary procedures put on place by the CDC. But above all else, I hope we are taking this time to truly take care of ourselves in all aspects of health.

I’ve come up with just 7 ways to keep yourself preoccupied during this quarantine. Now keep in mind, there are so many ways, but these ways, in particular, I’ve been practicing.

Here are 7 ways you can keep yourself productive/ preoccupied while in quarantine

  1. Catch up with a loved one. It’ll allow you to utilize the time that you never thought you had due to your busy schedule.
  2. Read your favorite book or check out a new one.
  3. Devote this time to much-needed self-care. Again, this is the time you’ve never had due to your hectic schedule. Light your favorite candle. Burn some sage. Pour your favorite glass of wine (Moscato for the win!). Whatever self-care looks to you, now’s the time to do so. 
  4. Find a new show to binge-watch. Like a lot of people, I’ve also been tuning into All American.
  5. De-clutter and organize your space. You probably have shoes and clothes that you no longer wear. It’s time to do that Spring cleaning you’ve been trying to put off for quite some time now.
  6. Take a nap. I can’t count how many times I’ve already done this.
  7. Create a new music playlist. I’m currently compiling my favorite Ty Dolla $ign songs. If you want me to share it with you, let me know in the reply section!

Bonus: Please stay indoors. If you’re not required to be outside, stay home. I can’t stress this enough.


Quarantine Stay Inside GIF by Threadless

Practice social distancing by hosting online ventures whether it be a DJ session, a dance class, yoga, do karaoke by having your friends join your live on Instagram and singing along with you or just simply chatting online with your friends. You can also FaceTime your friends.

Above all else, enjoy the time you have whether it be to yourself or with a loved one. Stay safe and let’s continue to practice humanity and empathy with one another. 

Stay up to date with all things Heights related by following Takemetotheheights on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Until next blog post,





The Return

Welcome back to another edition of Takemetotheheights.com!

It truly feels amazing to say that again after all this time.

Now before I even start let me just apologize for not writing to you guys in the last few months. I have so much to share/ spill with you guys I don’t even know where to begin. Above all else, I hope everyone has been setting new goals/intentions for him or herself coming into 2020.

Aside from that, I can say that I’ve been in better spirits since we last touched base. I no longer feel the heavy burden of my day to day (I’ll get into that in another blog post) If only you guys knew what went on, you too would feel drained and no longer passionate about the things you truly love to do. However, something happened where I realized I needed to reshift my focus and really give my all and attention to the things I truly enjoy doing no matter the circumstances.

This new found sense of freedom that I have is truly undeniable. Never did I think I’d be in a space where I truly felt free to do whatever my heart desires. I feel more inspired than ever and I can’t wait to share what else I have in store for you guys.

So yes, I can officially and proudly say:


Black Ink Crew Hello! GIF by VH1

No seriously. Did you guys miss me? Because I definitely missed you. No, I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Takemetotheheights has become a huge component of my life that if I no longer devoted to it, I would be doing a disservice to not only myself but to all those who take the time in reading these blog posts. For those who have continuously checked in or even asked questions about Takemetotheheights, it truly means the world to me and then some.

So as always, please stay tuned to all that I have planned. I have so much more up my sleeve. Before I end tonight’s blog post, I just want to take this time in saying how much I appreciate each and every single one of you. You guys have continuously proved time and time again just how devoted you are to Takemetotheheights.

Make sure that you’re following Takemetotheheights on Insta, Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with everything Heights related.

Stay safe and I’ll check you guys in the next post.

With peace and so much love,








Lights Out


It’s been forever and a day…but I finally get to say:

Welcome back to another installment of Takemetotheheights.com. 

nice to see you hip hop GIF by WE tv

I’m just gonna jump right into it.

My last blog post was in August (I know I’ve been slacking 😩). Now before I even get into the why’s and whatnot, let me just note how thrilled I am to be writing again. Feels so good to come back and share with you guys what’s been on my mind. 

So let’s rewind a bit. Since we last touched base I was gearing up to head back to work for the new school year(man I miss summer. 😰) Let’s just say September was the start of my shaky months ahead. All of September I already was beginning to feel burnt out ( I was already exhausted and tired of work y’all…OVER IT.) I instantly lost my desire to write because of my day to day work life(which I’ll eventually share with you guys) and long and behold October was coming closer and closer. 

Aside from it being my birthday, it also marked a year since my loved one’s passing. 

How was I functioning? I wasn’t. I completely checked out from work and found myself not being present for others. I couldn’t describe the feeling then. I just knew I didn’t feel like myself. 

Tonight’s blog post is me shedding light on those moments where we oftentimes might check out due to overwhelming circumstances. I felt that it was imperative for me to say to you guys that no matter what, keep pushing through. I know it’s easier said than done. 

But if it wasn’t for me checking in with myself and utilizing my resources I would’ve never been present to even write out this blog post let alone go about my day. Despite those moments I had in October, I above all else definitely looked forward to kicking off November in the best way possible. 

I also want to make note that those moments truly taught me something valuable: never ever take for granted your resources (whether it be in the form of therapy, counseling, or something that you prefer such as a hobby that you enjoy doing or even reaching out to a loved one)  

I  feel more empowered than ever and I can’t wait to see what else this month has to offer. I’m affirming nothing else but positivity for the remainder of this month and the months to follow. 

Before I close out this post, I just want to thank those who check out Takemetotheheights whether it be here or on Instagram.

Your unwavering support means the world to me and then some. Thank U Reaction GIF by Chloe x Halle


Please stay tuned for all that I have in store for Takemetotheheights.com and make sure you’re following Takemetotheheights on Insta, Facebook and Twitter. 

With peace and so much love,



Founder/Owner of Takemetotheheights



New August Flow

I’m on a wave

I guess that’s just the motion

Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com!


august school GIF
When you realize summer is almost over😩

It’s officially August and I just want to take this time in saying: Let’s continue crushing our goals, be open to all of the amazing opportunities that will present itself to us but most importantly, let’s continue doing all that we love and then some all the while receiving the fruits of our labor.

Entering August, I felt even more compelled to continue sharing with you guys in different mediums. For those of you who have checked out my first hair video, just know that there will be more on the way.

Truthfully, before I dropped that video I felt a little discouraged but I knew I had to keep pushing forward no matter how many times I became doubtful. I knew in the end that video and all that’s going to happen for Takemetotheheights.com will be all the worthwhile.

excited good news GIF by Charm Ladonna
Raise your hand if you made the sound too😂

The video truly served as a reminder just how much my doubts can often times get the best of me, yet  I’m glad I got the opportunity to upload and share it with you guys. It’s been well received and I do have another hair video coming sooner rather than later!

Above all else, I am looking forward to all of the collaborations that will occur this month. Please stay tuned to that as well!

Let’s not forget that with any new month, let’s continue to set our intentions and know that all that you want and desire is truly there. Just continue to manifest but above all else, put in that work. So like July, I hope that August treats us well and I look forward to all that will occur. 

If you have any goals you’d like to share in the reply section please feel free to do so, also, don’t forget to check out my hair as well as my other blog posts and stay tuned for what else I have in store for Takemetotheheights.com!

As always, with peace and so much love,


Aug 3 '19

Founder/Owner of Takemetotheheights.com



Welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com!

hey girl flirting GIF
Yes, that’s Lebron James lol

This post is lonnnnnnggggggg overdue. But before I delve any deeper into tonight’s blog post, let me just take this time in apologizing for any confusion I have caused with any emails you guys have received about published blog posts. I’ll be all the way honest:

I was not all the way confident about those posts and I found myself going back making changes here and there to them. For now, those posts will be kept on the back burner as I turn my attention to something a bit more important.

Now I know it has become quite the norm for me to not write as often as I had hoped but I knew the comeback would ideally be all the worthwhile. Tonight, I’m turning my attention to my standstill.

This go-round, my standstill was and is my moment in really listening to what I truly need and essentially blocking out the things, people etc..that no longer serve me. This time frame is vital in the sense where it has allowed me to really zero in on what I truly need to focus on and what really pushes me for the better.

I can recall a time where my standstill was more so used as a defense mechanism/an excuse to no longer do the things that I love or even set precedence on the things that hold value in my life.

city girl period GIF

Moving further not just for the summer but in my adult life, I wholeheartedly knew that approaching this particular season would force me to really take ownership of all that I am and all that I can deliver. #Period

For anyone who is currently going through his or her own standstill, just bear in mind the following:

You have the absolute right to a standstill. Not everyone will understand why and that’s okay, just remember why you decided to do so and what you plan on doing after.

This goes back to your why. Reflect on what caused (or what’s currently causing you to have) your standstill. Know that you truly hold the power to move beyond any doubts or fears you might have.

Lastly, your comeback will speak volumes for you! As often as I’ve taken my moments to reflect and essentially have a standstill, I knew the aftermath of it all would be monumental. Just know you have to put the work in to show and prove and never forget why you started in the first place.

Before I end tonight’s post, I want to take this time in truly thanking those who visit Takemetotheheights.com.It never goes unnoticed and I will forever be filled with gratitude because of it.

Thank you

Also, please be sure to leave me your comments about tonight’s blog post and stay tuned for any other posts/updates from Takemetotheheights.com!

As always, with peace and so much love,


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Did you remember​ you in June?

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 3.06.23 AMFor starters, I honestly was not anticipating June 😐😓

With April came along Mother’s Day and that first birthday.

Whew!  I won’t even lie, it was beyond tough getting through those last two months. As a result, I felt more inclined to just disappear; not write or even record for a bit. Forget about me blogging at the very end of May.

Yet, the hope remained for those woes to subside and eventually get it together in due time. 

time calendar GIF by Daniela Sherer



I was so wrong in believing that hype. SMH. And so as a result, I turned this first blog post for June as a little reminder/a few tips to all those who are experiencing the same feelings. 

1. Never ever feel afraid of utilizing the resources that are available to you. Whether it be counseling or therapy, whatever healthy medium, know that it’s for you.

2. If need be, take the necessary time to just be. All that means is don’t feel as if you have to rush nor don’t allow anyone to rush your process. 

3. Remember that once you utilize those resources, you have granted yourself the permission to truly be aware of every wave of emotion and it’s okay.  

4. Give yourself time. I can’ t stress that enough. There have been moments where I felt that if I didn’t complete something, I was not doing enough. Do know that you have to take time to pour into you. The moment you feel as if you aren’t doing enough, you’ll feel the urge to continue to pour into other things/other people. Never ever forget you throughout all of this. Baby Girl/Baby Boy, you matter too.

*Ultimately, do what works for you in the healthiest way possible.*

Before I end this blog post, I just want to say look how far we have gotten and all that we’ve accomplished! 

We’ve come a long way to get to this point so let’s relish in these moments/highlights and hold on to that!

Above all else, thank you for checking out today’s blog post. It means the world to me and then some in knowing that you guys hold it down and keep coming back😩🙌🏾

With peace and so much love,






All the Right​ Words

Happy May!

Let’s take this time in finally welcoming Spring (it’s been a LONG time coming 😩)80s may Sticker by printmeggin

I am beyond happy that it’s May and although last month was not the easiest for me (I was itching for May to come) I want to welcome in all the amazing opportunities for more collaborations, partnerships as well as earning more $

pay me bitch better have my money GIF
Mood loading in 3..2..1


Above all else, welcome to Takemetotheheights.com🙌🏾Animated GIF

Thank you for tuning in today’s blog post! Last month taught me even more what I need to continue to do… COMMUNICATE.  Yes, I take the time in doing so, but was it truly effectiveWas it really meaningful? 

I say all of that and then some to simply indicate/ stress how vital it was for me to push forth my voice. I felt empowered to do so at work and within my personal peer groups…yet under stress, I felt myself reverting back into my shell and dwelling on the could have/should have been.


I grew tired of it.


rihanna ugh GIF
Rolling my eyes is part of the aesthetic


Here I was making the strides I needed to do so in terms of realigning myself but I couldn’t, no refused to talk. It honestly grew annoying and I reached my breaking point.

With this particular post, I didn’t want to give off the vibe that I had everything figured out. Nor did I want to normalize not communicating.

Our voices hold so much weight and power. I can’t forget how important it is for me to regain that strength especially in spaces that are not deemed for people who look like me.

So, with that being said, there’s gonna be a huge shift in the way in which I use another outlet in expressing myself especially during times of difficulties.

I can’t forget the significance of using my voice in every capacity and circumstance.

Pray for me y’all..there might be a video sooner than you think.beychella omg GIF

All in all, I’m taking more ownership/advocating more of my needs and wants and expressing myself through voice.school coming Sticker by Stuck On You

I’ll have my moments here and there, but for me to share this with you guys is true growth.

Before I end today’s blog post, I just want to take this time in thanking all those who check out Takemetotheheights.com.

It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Let me know your thoughts about today’s blog post and make sure you’re following Takemetotheheights on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

Animated GIF



Ohhh Snap 3 Poetry Event-Three-Peat​​​!

whats up hello GIF by Make it Move

Thank you for tuning in to this edition of Takemetotheheights.com! If you read last month’s write-up, then you know very well what tonight’s blog post is all about. The Three-Peat Poetry Event is officially the new name for Ohhh Snap Poetry 3! I am so glad I got the opportunity to come out once again and witness artists take center stage and share their love for spoken-word poetry.

For this write-up, I decided to upload some footage I got that night just to give you a taste of what Ohhh Snap Poetry Event is all about!

Poets that night included but are not limited to:










Along with many others.

The hosts that night were @dizzybrown718 and @mw_free (both can be found on Instagram) Together, they brought energy and Friday night’s vibe to get the crowd ready for the event. Thank yous are in order for Creative Square Studios (CSSBK) Brand Ambassador, Dizzy Brown, and the owner of CSSBK for once again giving me the opportunity in giving you another write-up.

Check out parts 1 and 2 of Ohhh Snap Poetry 3 down below and you’ll find yourself wanting to see more! Luckily, I was able to upload two videos to share with you from Ohhh Snap Poetry 3 Event.

Check out parts 1 and 2 of May’s Edition of Ohhh Snap Poetry Event 3

Part 2

All in all, these poets captivated the audience and kept us engaged at all times. It truly takes an immense amount of courage to take center stage and share your passions, art but most importantly, your thoughts to the world.

Thank you, poets, for putting forth your craft and having it serve as a reminder for me to keep pushing forward and honoring my true gifts. If you are looking to attend the next Ohhh Snap Poetry Event, be sure to do so if you are in the NYC area or plan on visiting. All Ohhh Snap Poetry Events are held at Creative Square Studios located in Brooklyn. Be sure to visit CSSBK’s website here for all of their future events.

Before I close out this write-up, please be sure to leave me your comments but also don’t forget to subscribe to my Vlog Channel. As always, thank you for checking out today’s blog post on Takemetotheheights.com! Don’t forget to leave me your comments about this post and share it with your friends!

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Animated GIF









Ohhh Snap 2 Poetry Event April Edition

Good evening and welcome back to none other than Takemetotheheights.com!

In tonight’s installment, I am more than thrilled to embark on my journey of Ohhh Snap 2 Poetry Event’s second showcase!



If you weren’t at this event, then you are clearly missing out on all of the magnificent spoken word artists both new and old who showed out last week Friday.

Before I delve any further, let me just note how overjoyed I felt in knowing I was able to come out for this second event.

With the excitement and anticipation from last month’s showcase, there was undoubtedly this climatic energy in the air.

April 5th’s poetry event was reminiscent of the feeling of rebirth. 

That feeling of rediscovering all that I am and all that I love made Ohhh Snap 2 Poetry Event all the worthwhile. Poets that night included but are not limited to:arrow click Sticker by BUSINESSGRAM














along with others.

You can find all of these poets with their respective Instagram names all on Instagram.com.

Collectively, they all allowed me to further delve deeper into my self-awareness and continue to harness the power I have.

Aside from that, I just want to express my gratitude in thanking Creative Square Studios BKNY and @dizzybrown718 (brand ambassador) the opportunity in helping me provide you guys with write-up number 2 for Ohhh Snap 2 Poetry Snap event. 

thanks thank you Sticker by Originals

It was truly an eye-opening experience for me and then some. I just want to extend my gratitude to these spoken word artists who showcased their courageous spirits in this space made for us and by us.

Themes that presented themselves that night included but were not limited to our strength in numbers, honing in all that we are and then some, harnessing our true potentials when used effectively in our communities, love for one another, how we view ourselves in the eyes of our peers and others.

Entering this space made possible by Creative Square Studios Brooklyn NY (CSSBKNY), made it evident of its effect in fostering our development and showcasing what happens when we are granted more opportunities in Black self-expression.

Before I close out this months’ write-up for Ohhh Snap Poetry 2 Event, please be sure to visit CSSBKNY’s website by visiting csquarebk.com and stay tuned for when the next Ohhh Snap Poetry Event will be held along with any other future events hosted by CSSBKNY.

Also, if you’re looking to host your very own event, look no further!

shocked tv show Sticker by urgh_us


CSSBK is your one stop shop for your event needs🙌🏾

Be sure to visit their site at csquarebk.com when inquiring about utilizing their space for your events and follow them on Instagram at cssbk.

animation art Sticker by CATTURA Production

Also, make sure you’re following the above-mentioned poets as well as Creative Square Studio BK’s Brand Ambassador, Dizzy Brown (@dizzybrown718) on Instagram.

As always, love on one another and stay tuned for the next write-up brought to you by Takemetotheheights.com!



Introducing Signed e.

In this edition of Takemetotheheights.com, I decided to switch gears and place my focus on an individual who showcases the committed go-getter.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 12.18.18 AMErica, better known as Signed e. is the fashion designer who is recapturing the essence of authenticity behind her budding brand.

Having met Erica at Sister Social (by MLNNNYC) proved time and time again that your clientele/tribe will show up for you before you even realize it.

Having the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals in this safe space like those created by MLNNYC, was and continues to be essential to further foster my own growth and development as a Black woman.

birthday glow Sticker by Cosmopolitan

Let’s get right into these garments

“Get Me Body” Bodysuit

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 12.07.54 AM

I loved that I could play around with this top due to its whimsical nature in fabric choice.

“Tie me up” short sleeved crop top


For starters, this magical crop top isn’t the everyday top that you see in other stores. The lacing alone gave this piece the extra oompf most crop tops need.

I love the simplicity yet low key approach to this particular piece.

Down below, you’ll find me wearing the top while out on dinner. It is truly a comfortable fit. I loved that it truly stood out and can serve as a staple piece in my fall/summer wardrobe. (Pieces that can be worn in different seasons are pocket-friendly but also saves the trouble of having to rearrange our entire closet.)

arrows swipe up Sticker by Marleylilly

I styled the crop top with a few of my favorite dainty necklaces.


The ambitious designer behind the brand reminded so much of myself when I was taking Apparel Design in high school.

Erica’s tenacity was that reminder for me and to all of the readers who are in fashion or are creatives to continue to push forward and presevere no matter the trials and tribulations. 

Here’s another piece that every woman needs in her closet: LBS (Little Black Skirt)

I love the versatility behind a mini skirt, let alone in black. Additions like these in your closet with allow easy transition through looks.

Purchase your very own “Adrienne Skirt”

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 12.09.04 AM

The next but certainly not last piece redefines sexy, yet chic and it is truly made for the curvy woman in mind (just like all of her other show-stopping pieces) I won’t lie, I’m a sucker for a body con dress, but this one?!!!

It is by far trendy in its own right but is indeed a statement piece…

 DRAYA (the new definition of body con)

FullSizeRender.jpegOrder your very own Draya dress 200w.gif

Signed e. is the perfect example of what happens when you stay true to your own identity. Erica’s self-awareness behind her brand allowed her to remain authentic and true to who she really is. 

typography dont forget Sticker by Melody Hansen

Before I close out this feature, be sure you’re following Signed e. on Instagram at Signed_e and check out the website here:  Signede.com.

If those above images haven’t persuaded you yet to make your own purchases,

here’s one more reminder:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 9.28.48 PM.png

Let me know your thoughts for this feature in the reply section down below and thanks for tuning in!

Until the next blog post,







Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog post from none other than takemetotheheights.com.

Tonight, I’m turning my attention to rebirth.

Inspired by A$ap Ferg’s song, Rebirth, I felt the urge going further into this month of March to discuss how much power that term has once you take ownership of it.

As of recently, I’ve been manifesting and transitioning into this new being…I felt a new leaf was being turned over for me.

Meditation sold separately*


I grew in a deeper and much more comfortable space in expressing my feelings as opposed to suppressing them (growth y’all!) The power of acceptance was and continues to be vital.


I made and continue to make travel plans. Experiencing the unknown allowed me to push the boundaries in connecting with other people.

But most importantly, my deeper sense of self-awareness has been blooming and I couldn’t help noticing what I’ve been experiencing.

I’ve been:

  • Taking more risks in all that I am passionate about. (Grind Season activated)
  • No longer feeling the need to carry the heavy burden of other people’s emotions/ thoughts and ideas. 
  • Trusting my gut and being purposeful in all that I do. 

Be that impulsive go-getter. No one or nothing can tell you otherwise. #Period.


Disclaimer: This hasn’t been an overnight thing for me so as a result  I constantly go back and forth🤦🏾‍♀️

I’ve spent a vast majority of my life second and triple guessing myself. Yet, coming into this re-alignment, I found myself shedding old habits that were no longer serving me and putting in the work to match it.

Execution is all that will matter at the end of the day.


So far, I’ve embarked on my life journey countless times😩 and I’ve slipped up on numerous occasions. But I knew deep down, this was all a part of my process and that change is not linear. 

Before I end tonight’s blog post, it’s imperative for me to point out the power that we all possess. Take ownership of it. Put in the work and you’ll reap the benefits of it all.

Let me know in the reply section your thoughts on tonight’s blog post. Have you been experiencing this wave of rebirth? If so, let me know down below!

Until the next blog post,





Ohhh Snap! Poetry Event

Thanks for tuning into today’s write-up brought to you by the folks over at Takemetotheheights.com! I’ll be exploring my Friday night at Creative Square Studios Brooklyn!

I got the opportunity to attend CSSBK’s event: Ohhh! Snap Poetry Event🙌🏾


When I tell you my life was made and then some that night?!!!! Bruh, I was left speechless by the poets who graced the stage and captivated the audience with their intoxicating insight.

Through their twists and turns of words touching on themes prevalent in our society like racial injustices, love, and so forth, these poets successfully left an imprint with the attendees.

ms-PJE6rq.gifPoets such as Samara,  Hattress, Leah V, i_solanged_ya_bitch, Young I_Aka_YJ, Citoblanko, She_Shi86, Iamsouliel, _artofromancelvg, Rsbexpressions, Parlayliving, Sincity_sota, Wizeprophet, and WritersBlockNYC presented their poems and their spoken word pieces. Collectively, they each brought their personalities, as well as showcased their love for this artistry to their peers.


Ohhh! Snap’s host that night was Dizzybrown718, who delivered his own spin to new age hosting at CSSBK. Friday’s event at Creative Square Studios Bk was the prime example of what happens when more Black spaces are created for expression.ms-j4MIwi.gif

If you weren’t there that night, you definitely missed out on greatness.

Before I close out today’s post, be sure you check out each of the poets’ Instagram pages to check out their amazing work. Also, make sure to visit the above-mentioned host’s IG page to see when the next Poetry event will be.

Above all else, don’t forget to visit Creative Square Studios BK website as well as their Instagram page to stay afloat of their future events. If you find yourself visiting Brooklyn, New York, make sure you stop by and let them know Takemetotheheights sent you there!

Let me know your thoughts about today’s write up in the reply section!

If you wish to have your very own write-up or you’re looking to be featured, be sure to click the contact tab for more info.

As always, love on one another and be sure to stay tuned to my next post.







You Gotta Know

“Epiphanies are essentially the building blocks to making your dreams a reality” M.V.

Welcome and thank you for joining this week’s installment of Takemetotheheights.com. This week we’re gonna focus on the power of epiphanies and how important it is to pay attention and listen to what they’re saying to us. 

Before anything else, let me just wish us all a happy March filled with productive and prosperous filled moments. 


As of lately, my epiphanies have literally been showing me what I never took the time to realize in myself: KEEP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF AND KEEP PUTTING IN THAT WORK AND SHOW AND PROVE!

So here I was, back from my trip and all I kept thinking was:

“Am I truly living a purposeful life?” 

“Am I doing all that I set out/dreamed of since I was a child?”


I couldn’t keep faking the funk. I allowed myself to believe that I’ll eventually get to it when I have the money or my absolute favorite excuse: “When I have more time.” I knew better than anyone else that time waits for no one. 

I knew I needed/desired to put more action into what I’m truly passionate about no matter the circumstances. And so, my epiphany, sure enough, came when I was on my trip and taught me something: “You took a risk coming here alone because you BELIEVED you could. Why stop there?!”


So with that thought in mind, I began EXECUTING all that I envisioned for myself. Trust me, it took years (forever and a day) for me to get to this point. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 

I began organizing more. Setting deadlines and holding myself more accountable for the things I sought after. Regardless of how tired I felt from my day to day, I knew I had to essentially keep grinding.

Before I close out tonight’s blog post,  I just want to say tap into your intuition and pay attention to what the universe might be trying to show you. 


Be sure to leave me your thoughts and comments if this blog post resonated with you. Let me know what your specific goals/dreams are. What’s your plan of action? 

As always, thank you for checking out this week’s blog post. 

Love on one another and I’ll catch you guys in my next post. 





Fire and Desire

Hey and welcome back to another post brought to you by takemetotheheights.com.



I hope you all are well. This week’s blog post is special in the sense that I am manifesting all that I’ve set my eyes on since FOREVER! For starters, I am in California writing this blog post to you guys. If y’all only knew how much it took for me to get to this point in traveling; in my life, let alone going on my first solo trip, y’all would understand.

The Lordt only knows how much I needed to take this time being on break from work to go away. I’ve been holding on to so many emotions, that the moment I landed I felt a sense of relief. I felt as if I regained my independence but most importantly I felt like I got me back.

For some time now, I felt indifferent about myself and the ways in which I would handle certain situations in my life (I thought I had the answers but my name ain’t Sway!)

As a result of that feeling, I’ve decided to touch on intentions for this blog post. Before you go and look up the word INTENTION, it’s basically a cooler way of saying purpose (depending on the context of what you’re saying.)

So long and behold. Here I am in California thinking about living with intention. I realized there were numerous occasions in which my life full circled and I was constantly reminded of my purpose.

I initially set out to do all the basic tourist attractions, but after visiting Venice Beach, it dawned on me that I’m on this trip for me and no one else. I have the power to truly go anywhere I wanted and I wouldn’t be pressed about it.

It’s truly an amazing feeling to have and I feel blessed in knowing I have that agency in my life. This new surge of power I’ve been feeling has inspired me to talk to you guys in other capacities aside from takemetotheheights.com.


In the past, I didn’t feel I had that power within myself.

I handed my power off to the wrong people/relationships I’ve dealt with.

This new wave of agency/ownership has allowed me to have an incredibly different outlook on life. Who would’ve thought in my 27 years of life I would be in a place where I can acknowledge that?! Accountability is everything and then some y’all!

But on a more serious note, I know I have more work to do in terms of putting in the time to continue to heal, as well as truly and wholeheartedly continue to put my feelings on the forefront.

Before I close out tonight’s blog post, I decided to share my footage of Venice Beach down below!


*I do not own the rights to this song. Uploaded through Snapchat. Editing provided by Hypno*

As always, please be sure to leave me your thoughts and comments. Let me know if you’ve visited California or are from there!

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And Another One

Hey and welcome back to Takemetotheheights.com!

Before I even get into this week’s blog post, let me just say that I am eternally grateful to those who root for Takemetotheheights. Your patience and support to not only me but to this blog site mean so much to me and then some. In due time, I will show my gratitude to you guys. (Stay tuned!)

Above all else, it’s already February. Was’nt it just the New Year literally yesterday?! And who else needed a redo of January? (I definitely restarted my New Year this month so if you see me and I say Happy New Year to you, please say it back lol)


I am beginning this month by reaffirming my love affair with self-care and wellness. Lord knows how much I’ve taken a HUGE back seat in that department and I am currently paying the price for it.

These last few months were incredibly hard for me (where’s my box of tissues?)


There were literally moments where I no longer wanted to write anymore. But deep down I knew that wouldn’t be fair to myself or my readers. The trauma and grief I was dealing with (still am, unfortunately) was for sure trying to eat away at me. I had no desire to do much of anything. Yet going into this new month, I knew I needed to change my outlook on things and just appreciate life for what it truly is.

My mother would’ve wanted me to do so. She always pushed for me to really live my life to the fullest and not allow trials or tribulations to get the best of me.


Trauma can and will destroy you if you allow it to do so. I didn’t want to mourn the loss in such a detrimental manner any longer nor did I want to stop doing the things I truly love to do.

I ideally needed to rediscover my happiness and tap more into what truly makes me, well me. I am a lover of beauty, design, travel…basically any and everything that ideally exemplifies a Libra. (Libra gang, Moon in Aries to be exact)

And so, with that being said, I have a few things coming up this month….one which requires me to pack which I have yet to do (I literally pack the night before, I gotta do better) and the other….well I don’t want to give it away just yet….


But before I leave this week’s post, I just want to say I hope February and the months to come bring about more opportunities for collaboration, more coint for our pockets (prosperity out in this bish) more opportunities to truly take care of ourselves and to enjoy life while we are still blessed to do so.

Let me know in the comments section what you’re looking forward to/what you have in store and I will catch you guys in my next blog post!








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Watch Me Slay 2K18- Up and coming Makeup Artists New Years Edition

Hi and welcome back to Takemetotheights.com.

Tonight’s blog post will showcase a few makeup artists on the rise that hail from some of our hometowns here in NY.

First things first,  I want to welcome a new comer to the makeup scene, Janaesha.

Here’s Janaesha, also known as naemadeyoublush

Pictured down below with a look that truly captures her innovation and creativity as an artist, J is a prime example of a makeup artist on the rise who isn’t afraid of stepping outside of the box.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 11.23.06 PM

Follow naemadeyoublush on IG

Check out J’s Facebook here for more makeup looks

Never shy from using glitter, lashes and blush, J is the epitome of what every makeup artist should remain…innovative as well as passionate about this industry.  

J’s drive and persistence in this business is shown throughout her growing Instagram page. Her services are not only reasonable but is also something people look forward to based upon her reviews from her above mentioned Facebook makeup page.

Receiving ratings that are five stars across the board, you can instantly see why this makeup artist can easily build her clientele.

Check out a few of her looks down below and you’ll see how she beautifully blends products in and plays in colors. 

Cut Crease and bold lashes

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 11.23.44 PM

J’s interpretation of a bold lip down below

IMG_0924 copy

Following naemadeyoublush is none other than Tatiana Lewis Artistry.

Follow Tati’s Instagram here

Check out Tati’s Makeup Site

Full-time mom and makeup slayer, Tatiana’s approach to creating makeup looks is what I like to call “sophisticated glam.” Having already worked with some well noted Housewives, as well as various known brands such as Josie Maran, Tatiana is truly the archetype makeup artist you want to work with.

Her level of skill as well as knowledge with different makeup brands and products that can truly amplify your overall glow, will definitely have you wishing your makeup can stay on FOREVER.

Tatiana’s social media is just a small indication of the level of artistry she possesses. Aside from her amazing skill set in this industry, she is truly a humble and well rounded person. Her level of professionalism is just a small piece of just how well she carries herself and represents her brand.

Be sure to scroll on down to see some of Tatiana’s makeup looks on clients : )

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.04.44 AM

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 2.05.25 AM

Image 12-17-17 at 2.08 AM
Glow Maven

Up next but certainly not last, we have Beatface by Ashley. A fellow SFC alum, dance teacher and budding freelance makeup artist, Ashley has successfully managed to teach herself the artistry of creating beautiful looks. Pictured down below is Ms. Ashley herself beat to the gawds.

Image 12-17-17 at 10.29 PM (4)

Follow Ashley’s IG here

Check out Ashley’s styleseat site here

Ashley’s makeup looks down below truly showcase’s her love for glitz, glamour and of course the glow. Check out the pictures and see how she truly shows her love for the artistry.

Image 12-17-17 at 10.28 PM (4)

Image 12-17-17 at 10.28 PM (2)

Image 12-17-17 at 10.29 PM (1)Image 12-17-17 at 10.29 PM (2)

If you’re looking for amazing artists to amplify your look this upcoming New Years be sure that you’re following these ladies: naemadeyoublush, Tatiana Lewis Artistry and Beatface by Ashley.

You won’t be disappointed : )

I just wanted to take the time in saying thank you to those who continuously take the time in reading these posts. Knowing that people leave me comments means a lot to me.

To all of my new comers, thanks for checking out takemtotheheights.com and be sure to stay tuned for the next post.

You never know who or what might be in the next blog post.

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Louis Vuitton Don-My Trip to that FREE Exhibition!!

I would’ve said Happy Friday to all you marvelous, magnificent, majestic….lol you get the idea, fashionistas and fashion lovers. BUT…… I had to take care of a few things first but it’s all good on my end. (Thank God) So instead I’ll just say Happy Saturday lml.

I FINALLY got the opportunity to check out the Volez, Voguez, Voyagez Louis Vuitton Exhibition at the American Stock Exchange. All I have to say is WOW!!!!! If you haven’t taken the time to check out the exhibition, PLEASE make sure you do so sooner rather than later.

Even if you’re not a fashion lover like myself, you won’t be disappointed about going. The legacy alone of this treasured designer will suffice.

The exhibition was by far well thought out and innovative.

Dating back from 1854, the exhibition chronicles Louis Vuitton’s designs through travel, sailing and aviation. Curator, Olivier Saillard and Artistic Director and Set Designer Robert Carsen eloquently took the Louis Vuitton brand and showcased it in a fashion timeline. Each room was designed to tailor around the specific themes Saillard and Caresen had in mind.

Just note that the entire main level  of the exhibition was designed to look and feel as if you are in an actual Louis Vuitton trunk. (How dope is that?!!!)

Below you’ll find the map and just take heed of the amount of rooms and work that took place in order to create this extraordinary exhibition.


Further along this post, I’ve chosen just a few of the hundreds of photos that were taken at the exhibition. Each of these photographs can truly speak for themselves. So without further ado, feel free to check them out for yourself🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

The Original tools to design the infamous Louis Vuitton Trunks



The infamous Louis Vuitton Trunk







Modern Louis Vuitton Trunk


2000’s and beyond of Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbags

Can’t forget about Men’s Fashion



Marc Jacobs Collaboration with Louis Vuitton



The following garments down below were worn by some of your fave celebs at different  red carpets.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These photos alone don’t do the exhibition justice. You have until January 7th, 2018 to check out this splendor.

Click here for further details about the Louis Vuitton exhibition.

Before I close out this post, I just wanted to thank those that continue to rock with Takemetotheheights as we approach further into the New Year. It truly means a lot to me to see who has been visiting and leaving me comments.

Until next time, and as always with peace and love,




“Almost There”-an intro to Tyrik Ballard-Feature Black Artist Presentation

Hello all fashion lovers but this time around, I’d like to also welcome my music enthusiasts as well.

This week’s blog post will explore my night at the Apollo Music Cafe to watch none other than Tyrik Ballard.

Please be sure to continue reading as I introduce to you all, my avid readers, to someone who is not only humble but truly gifted in what he does.

Mr. Ballard exemplifies the ideal R&B male artist this music industry needed for the upcoming years ahead. He exudes that smooth and velvety feel music was lacking these days.

While watching Tyrik perform at the Apollo Music Cafe (and just know that this wasn’t my first time watching him perform) it’s evident that Mr. Ballard is Mr. R&B. Period. (Yes I said it lol) His presence alone truly captivated the attention of the audience. Upon walking down the aisle of the cafe, all eyes along with numerous screams and whoops from devoted fans like myself were heard throughout the dimly lit room.

Mr. Ballard came out dressed in beige Chelsea boots, black coated jeans, a black turtle neck all paired with a camel over coat, wayfarers and a gold cuban link necklace. The pieces alone further gravitated my attention to him as he oozed with sleek perfection.

The lights got low as soon as he hit that stage. The only light that was clear to see was Tyrik’s. He let go of all of his inhibitions and showed the audience not only how meaningful his songs are but also what his artistry truly means to him.

It was an amazing sight to see and being given the opportunity to witness that night at the Apollo Music Cafe was indeed a blessing in disguise for me. Unlike other performances, that night was indeed monumental for Mr. Ballard’s musical career. Not only was he performing in his hometown of Harlem, his name was also shown on the giant marquee the Apollo is famous for. Mr. Ballard’s poster was spread throughout the Apollo truly indicating the level of artistry this young man possesses.

One of the songs Tyrik sang that night entitled, “Almost There” truly resonated with me. The line in particular, “I’m taking control of my life” was a reminder for me that regardless of what has happened in the past, I determine my future and it’s up to me to harness that power.

I was not only thrilled for him about all of these extraordinary things happening but to also witness the excitement in the faces of his loved ones was overwhelming for me. It was clear to see that Tyrik has a strong and supportive family unit and the love in that room permeated throughout the air.

Here’s some photos I took of Mr. Ballard with his permission (and I totally had to take a pic with the star himself lol)





Before I close out this post, I just want to take the time to thank Tyrik Ballard for sharing his gift with the world. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for him and I look forward to his next performance.

For all of you who want to know where you can find Tyrik’s music, his EP, “Almost There” is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon…basically any and every music outlet out there. Definitely give him your ear. You won’t be disappointed.

You can also follow Tyrik on Instagram at Tyrik Sings.

As I end this blog post, I just wanted to thank those of you who have also been following takemetotheheights on Instagram for everyday fashion inspo!!! All of the support never goes unnoticed.

With peace and love,